Turning 37

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Next week I will turn 37.  THIRTY SEVEN!!  I remember when I was in my late teens/early twenties I would look at women in their late thirties and they all seemed so “put together” and mature.  I’m less than a week away from this age and I still don’t feel like I meet that standard.  I’m lucky if I do my makeup once a week, my hair is normally in a ponytail and if you see me out and about you would wonder if I own anything other than athletic wear or jeans.  I’m definitely not the image of what I had expected myself to be at this age but there are few things I’ve learned in the last few years.

Give yourself GRACE and give that GRACE equally to others.  I need people in my life that will understand my intentions are from a place of love and a sincere desire to help but let’s be real…..

I’m the one who goes to the grocery store with a  list and I still forget the items I need
I’m the one who signs up for Teacher Appreciation at MDO and brings something the VERY LAST DAY OF THE MONTH
I’m the one that buys the online tickets for the movie but gets the VERY FRONT ROW by mistake
I will forget a name five minutes after I’m introduced
I will offer to bring something to a dinner and still forget it until the very last minute
I forget the school project until the night before

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the mom comparison.  It’s real ya’ll.  BUT, only if you let it be real.  Heck, I was doing it as a teenager comparing my future self to a mom I didn’t even know.  I’m almost thirty seven and the older I get the more I own who I am and stop trying to pretend to be someone I’m not.

Do I wish I could be super PTA mom and in the best shape of my life all while preparing home cooked meals every night and remembering everything on my Target list?  Not really.  Because I’m a hot mess half the time and I like who I am.  I’m a fierce friend who may forget a lot but when you need me, there is not a single hesitation to be there.

I’m an open book.  If you sat and talked to me one on one for longer than 5 minutes you may get a lot more information than you wanted.  I blurt things out, say too much and even though it use to embarrass me now I kind of like it.  I’m not politically correct nor do I sugar coat much.

I know I put too much on my plate, it’s a problem.  If anyone knows it, it is me.  And even with all this talk of “saying no” I am STILL overbooking myself and over promising because I LOVE PEOPLE.  I love meeting new people.  I love friendships whether it is with people I’ve known my entire life or someone I just met a couple of days ago.

Yes, life is chaotic.  I have a crazy awesome husband, three kids in all kinds of activities, a church I love to be part of, a thriving photography business, a love for sharing about essential oils and friends I truly enjoy spending time with as often as possible.  So, I’ll take the little sleep and the bags under my eyes because we are given ONE LIFE and who knows just how long it will be here on Earth…..I want to make the most of it.  It is too short to live as anyone other than myself.  It is too short to not give up a little sleep for time with those we love.  It is too short to live without meaningful, loving, authentic relationships.  And the truest and most meaningful relationships are the ones where people can be absolutely, without a doubt vulnerable and completely themselves.

I blinked and I’m thirty seven.  Even though I have high hopes to keep improving and eventually get my six pack back, for now I’m happy with my hot mess self.

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December 4, 2017
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