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27 Months Old

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Today my babies are 27 months old!


You are my MONKEY!  Seriously all you want to do is climb things.  When we were at the aquarium you climbed up the statue out front in 2 seconds and it didn’t scare you one bit.  You are SO close to just realizing you can climb out of your crib and sometimes you even try to climb IN it.  When I ask you if you are a monkey, you reply with monkey sounds and giggles.  You have reached another phase of picky eating, which I have become accustomed to at this point and I realize it will come and go.  You have become VERY OCD about everything!  You have to hold a specific hand when coming down the stairs in the morning, you cannot STAND it when milk spills and you HAVE to clean it up immediately, you like to get in the car first when we load up for school and the list could go on and on.  You aren’t a fan of coloring really and you are OBSESSED with Toy Story.  Obsessed.

You weigh about 29 pounds and measured 35.5″ a few weeks ago.  You still have the tiniest little waist and long legs to go with your belly.  Your hair still grows slower than your brother and you still have your chubby cheeks that I LOVE to kiss.  You are still attached to Mouse and I’m pretty sure he needs another washing soon because he is getting nasty.

When I drop you off at school you smile at everyone in the hallways and then walk right in without any hesitation.  This makes me proud yet sad to see you already growing out of your attachment to mommy.


You can be SO SILLY and laugh at the simplest thing and your facial expressions are priceless!


You are my silly boy!  You are so serious most of the time in a deep concentration of whatever it is you may be doing at that moment but you have these bursts of SILLINESS that I love!  It could be a song you hear, a snack we give you or something we say and you just light up with animation and jibber jabber.  You are talking MORE and MORE with each new day….it isn’t as clear as Sutton but I’m learning to make out what you are saying.

You weigh 31 pounds and measured 37″ a few weeks ago, which for height wasn’t even on the chart.  Shocker.  You still have crazy cowlicks and your hair grows faster than your brother’s.  You LOVE ALL sports.  Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, you name it.  And you are GOOD.  Seriously for a 2-year-old.

You LOVE green beans.  Yes, GREEN BEANS!  Even tonight you ate your serving on your plate, what was left in the pot, half of mine and then brother’s!  I will remind you of this when you are older.  You aren’t near as picky when it comes to food and you are starting to like sweets more.  You have gone from LOVING the Wiggles to Yo Gabba Gabba….you will say, “GABBA!” when you see it come on.  You love laying in mommy and daddy’s bed with the blankets pulled all the way up to your chin and tucked in on each side.  You love when I play with your hair and you love to stay in the bubble bath as long as you we will allow.

You have become a little opinionated, which is new.  For the longest time you were always such a “go with the flow” kid but now you know how to say, “no.”  When you start to act up it usually only takes a warning for you to stop but if you get time-out or a spanking you get SO sad and just want to hug me.

You have more “stranger danger” awareness than your brother.  Recently we were at Sam’s and this cute elderly man came up and kept patting your hand saying hello and talking to you both.  You started bawling!  I like that you aren’t willing to run off with strangers but man it’s embarrassing when someone is just trying to be nice.  🙂  You too love to walk right into your classroom at school.  This morning you turned around and waved saying, “bye bye mama!” with a HUGE grin on your face.  Again, makes me happy and sad all at the same time.



Both of you love to dance, especially in the car to songs I can’t stand but of course cannot turn the station when I see you two jamming out in the backseat.  When Daddy leaves in the mornings to go to work you both say, “Bye Bye Dada!  Lub ew!”  This is repeated at least 4-6 times and continues long after he has walked out the front door.  When it is time for naps I will tell you to say goodnight to each other which is followed by you kissing and saying, “night night bubba. lub ew.”  SERIOUSLY!  MELT. MY. HEART.  At bedtime we say our prayers and you both clasp your hands together and will repeat everything I say, “tank ew Jesus for…” and then you say “AMEN!” with such gusto!

We are making improvements in the sharing department.  Just today Sutton had the red choo choo and Fynn snatched it.  I warned Fynn to give it back or get a time-out and at first he smiled real big and SLIGHTLY shook his head “no” but once I gave him “THE LOOK” he walked over and handed it back to Sutton.  Sutton’s response?  “Tank ew Bubba.”  AGAIN!  MELT. MY. HEART.

We are still doing great with sleeping from 8/8:30-8/9 and we take 2-3 hour naps on days we aren’t in school.  We have had a busy past month with a trip to the aquarium, multiple trips to two of our favorite parks, the zoo, play dates and sweet treats we don’t normally give you.

I keep waiting for the “terrible 2’s” to kick in but it hasn’t.  Makes me wonder what 3 will be like.  I do know my kids make me proud AT LEAST once a day.  They are easy to be around (most of the time) and they make me laugh.  I am so proud to be their mommy and I will continue to make it my mission to raise smart, sweet, mannerly, fun, loving boys!

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The Mamarazzi


April 20, 2012

20 Month Old Boys

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No longer babies really….getting used to that slowly.  Yesterday my BOYS turned 20 months old!  Seriously.


The older Fynn gets the more ornery he gets.  He is learning what “time out” is REAL fast.  But he is also so sweet and funny and loving!  He just gets wound up and thinks “no” is funny.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

Fynn is getting GRADUALLY better about food.  He has eaten meatloaf and chicken a few times now and likes oatmeal more often than not.  He will DEVOUR some eggs and toast.  Both boys LOVE fruit and lots of it!  And both boys aren’t fans of veggies.  But today at lunch Fynn didn’t pick out ALL his veggies from his mac’n cheese.  🙂  PROGRESS!  Sunday night we had pizza and he ate some of the chicken, spinach, artichoke pizza, which made me proud.  He loves organic beef hot dogs, chicken dogs and veggies dogs as well as sweet potato fries and veggie chips.  And last night it happened….the inevitable….the boys ate CHOCOLATE!  We got Papa Murphy’s Pizza and I got some chocolate chip cookie dough from there for dessert.  Daddy and I agreed to let them taste.  BOY DID THEY LOVE IT!!!  And I have to admit it was cute seeing the smeared chocolate all over their faces.  Fynn usually doesn’t like sweets.  Recently for Miranda’s birthday we had cake and ice cream and Fynn would have NOTHING to do with it.  And when we went to have cupcakes last month he wouldn’t TOUCH them!  But chocolate he likes!

Fynn is talking more and more since he started preschool.  Not the clearest yet but I can make out what he is trying to say.  He will say mama, dadda, quack quack, dog, baby, bubba, pwease, ball, bear, down, bye bye, book, nana (banana), cheese and a few others I just can’t remember.  He will try to say Wiggles because that is his favorite show.  I have an episode on the DVR I play to keep them entertained while I make them lunch most days.  He does love the word dadda and wants to call EVERYONE that name.

He loves books.  WANTS TO READ THEM ALL DAY.  Wait, I mean he will bring them to you for you to read to him.  Fynn is a wrestler all of a sudden.  He spent 45 minutes wrestling his brother last week and I got video to prove it!  Fynn likes to push the limits with Mommy and Daddy too.  When we are downstairs he likes to try and stand on the couch, which is a big NO NO!  He will also try to stand and run around our bed, also a NO NO.  Hence where “time out” has come into play.  He does understand “time out” and gets the SADDEST face!  But he is so sweet after his time is over and I know he is understanding the concept.

Also, this boy is a DANCER!  He will get really serious, point his fingers and do a little dance in a circle when he hears music he likes.  Fynn is a big kisser as well.  Anytime we are leaving a group of people he will go around and give everyone BIG kisses!  And he will also blow kisses.  When it comes to babies, he LOVES them.

Finally, he is doing so great at preschool!  He doesn’t cry and walks right in.  He eats his lunch and his teachers keep telling me how sweet and adorable the boys are….I’m sure they tell all the parents that.  He is struggling a bit to nap well but he will get the hang of it.  I’ve put their nap mats down here at home and he will go climb into his so I know he doesn’t mind the mat.



Sutton’s favorite thing to do is dump a storage bin full of toys and then one-by-one place them back in the bin.  But he will take random toys and bring them to me or Daddy and say, “thank you.”  Anytime he hands anything to anyone he says, “thank you.”  It is really sweet.

Sutton has become the PICKY eater all of a sudden.  And he LOVES the word, “no.”  But he says “no” to everything!  I’ll ask him, “Sutton, want to go watch some cartoons?”  His reply, “no” followed by him going in to watch cartoons.  He loves bananas, oatmeal, sweet potato fries, veggie dogs, cinnamon toast, strawberries and veggie chips.  Both boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Odwalla bars and Cliff bars.  Those are “treats.”  The few times we have offered the boys sweets Sutton is the one who devours it!  Loves vanilla ice cream, cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.  He gets that from his mama! 🙂  Both boys go through phases though of liking something and then not liking it a few days later.  Typical toddler I guess.  I just keep trying to give them things over and over and hoping they eventually just eat what I put in front of them.  We are definitely trying to do the “that’s dinner” concept and it’s hard at times but after a few minutes of fussing they will sometimes just EAT IT!

Sutton is speaking so much clearer since preschool started.  He will really try so hard to repeat everything we say it’s so cute!  He says nana (banana), ball, tank ew, no, uh oh, choo choo, dadda, mama, quack quack, bubba, cheese and his favorite is to say “bye bye” with the hand movement and then blow kisses!  He will do this to everyone….even at Target.  They both will!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

It’s getting so fun being able to direct them…..”let’s go brush our teeth” and “let’s go eat breakfast” and “let’s go upstairs” etc. are followed by that action.  They are becoming such little BOYS!  I love it and yet I hate it because I miss the days of sweet babies snuggled up with me napping!

Sutton loves to DANCE!  He will spin and spin and flail his arms about.  He is the child that will always stop what he is doing and make sure you see him.  That grin of his is UNDENIABLE!!!  He too loves books and really likes the picture/word books where we point out something and he has to say what it is.  Loves making the animal noises like his brother!

When I take the boys to preschool I have to put them in their wagon because I have to somehow manage to get TWO TODDLERS, two nap mats, two backpacks and two lunch boxes all inside a building FULL of parents and kids.  The first few days of preschool Sutton CRIED AND CRIED when I left but drop-offs are getting easier each week.  Today I let them carry their backpacks into the room so getting them from the wagon to the classroom wasn’t so bad.  Their teachers are SO sweet!

Both boys LOVE sports.  They love basketball and Fynn loves to throw the football and kick the soccer ball.  Makes mama proud!

Some Pictures Of Course….

Fynn loves to come from behind and pull Sutton down.
Sutton doesn’t seem to be too thrilled.

Here is the storage bin with Sutton putting his toys inside right after he DUMPED them ALL out!
Such a cutie!

Playing hoops together!  Love the brotherly playtime and Sutton even has the Michael Jordan tongue action DOWN!

Who wouldn’t love that grin!?

These are the moments I am so glad I have twins!  I’m so thankful they have each other.

My heart hurts with how much I love these guys.  I can’t get enough of them!

My buddies!!!

Until next post..

The Mamarazzi

September 21, 2011

July 19 Part II – 18 Months Old

**I’ve had technical difficulties so this post has taken a few days to get up!

I have 1 1/2 year olds!!!!!  So crazy to think about how fast it has all gone by!

At 18 months old my boys are pretty much AMAZING!  They are sooo adorable, fun, smart, sweet, funny and too many things to capture into one sentence.  They are so smart….or at least we think so.  You show them how to do something once they pick it up.  That might be a bad thing down the road.  They say mama, dada, banana (nana), ball (baw) and Sutton just learned “no” and Fynn learned “dirty.”  They do a LOT of jibber jabber and “twin talk,” which is hysterical to watch.  They get so serious and you can tell one will be telling the other something very important.

Fynn or Fynnie or Fynnie Boy is my sweet, sensitive, calm child.  He has always been a little studious one.  He LOVES books and figuring out objects and spaces and how everything works.  When I make a “fish face” at him he spends the next few minutes REALLY trying hard to figure out how to do it.

He still loves to play with balls….basketballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls, any balls he likes.  He loves to pick one up and say “baw” all loud and proud.

Most of the time he goes RIGHT to sleep when he gets in his crib for nap or bedtime.  He loves to brush his teeth and pick up stuff off the floor to help mommy clean.  Sutton enjoys emptying the ball pit in the game room and Fynn will start putting them back in right away.  He is working on his 2nd molars and just now has started to fuss a bit.  He hasn’t fussed a bit through 18 months of teething!  This boy LOVES cartoons.  It is scary how focused he gets when they are on.  He likes music and will dance with a serious face.  It’s comical from my point of view.  He had become a bit less picky with food….this boy would not TOUCH meat or veggies and was very picky about everything once we went to finger foods.  He has started eating organic all beef hot dogs, meatloaf, strawberries, oranges and more.  He even ate broccoli!

He likes to point and talk but I just wish I could understand what he was trying to tell me.  I can tell him to go pick up something and bring it to me and he will.  He still has the craziest hair!  Those two cowlicks in the back will sure frustrate any hairdresser in the future.  Fynn is the more independent child and does not need a lot of affection, even though we smother him with loving!  He could be content just running around on his own.  He is overall mostly calm yet sometimes he gets a spark and will RUN and RUN and LAUGH!!  And he loves to give “high-fives!”

Sutton or Sutty or Bubba is my passionate child.  He smiles and laughs straight from the gut!  He will do something good like fit a puzzle piece in its spot and will look up at you as if he is saying, “Did you see?”  I am always watching for these looks to give him that reinforcement he needs.

He is definitely more cuddly and affectionate.  He will chase his brother around trying to give him hugs and kisses.  He will OPEN MOUTH kiss too and it’s hysterical because he won’t give just one kiss, he has to give multiple.    He LOVES to turn things over and make a mess!  His favorite thing is to flip the ball pit over and then run around in the balls laughing!

He tends to throw tantrums, which we are working on but this kid is mild compared to some so I won’t complain too much about them.  He too hasn’t fussed much at all in 18 months of teething!  He loves to just chew on his hand or try and bite everything….toys, books, spoons, etc.  Sutton is GREAT at sharing….for the most part!  If his brother does not have a toy like he does, he will pick it up and bring it to him even if Fynn wasn’t looking for it.  He makes sure Fynn has his bear every time Sutton has his mouse.  He loves to walk around the game room and pick up toys and bring them to me with a big grin on his face.  And he loves to bring you SHOES!  He will literally pick each one up and bring it to you.

And this kid is CHATTY!  He will just jibber jabber ALL DAY LONG….in his crib, at breakfast, in the car, before bed.  ALL THE TIME!  He even softly hums when we put him down for bed, as if he hasn’t been able to get out all he is trying to say during the day.  He too loves to dance and really loves to do the “fist pump” especially in the car.  He is sooo goofy he makes us laugh every day.

The boys are on a great schedule now.  We moved to one nap a day a month or so ago.  They wake at about 8/8:30 and I make their breakfast while they talk in their cribs and entertain themselves.  Once I bring them down and we eat breakfast, we will either go run errands or go play or if they are still a little cranky and tired we’ll cuddle up and watch some Sprout.  If we run errands it is kind of limited to only place with double carts or places where our double stroller will fit.  We will also go see Daddy at the chiropractic office and get adjusted!  They eat lunch around noon and then go down for a nap around 12:45/1 and will usually sleep anywhere from 2-3.5 hours.  When they wake from their nap they get a snack and a TINY bit of juice diluted with water.  Then we either run errands (if we didn’t in the morning) or we play, sometimes outside.  We have a sand/water table, bubbles, a lawnmower, sidewalk chalk, etc.  It’s been SO HOT outside we don’t last long out there or we just wait until before bed.  THEY LOVE THE WATER HOSE!!!

We’ve also been going to the splash park and our neighborhood pool.  The neighborhood pool is AWESOME for toddlers because the entry to the water is like a ramp so they can walk and play in the water without a parents having to hold them the entire time.

Life is getting more and more fun with these two.  They are my little buddies that is for sure!

Until next post..

The Mamarazzi

July 21, 2011