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Preschool Reports

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Last week before the kids got out for Spring Break we got their reports from preschool.

Fynn is such a sweet, gentle little guy! He concentrates so intently on what he is doing that we often have to get him to loosen up and give us a smile, which is always so cute!  We are still working with Fynn on communicating with us using his words.  He is doing better and we know that he probably talks more at home.  Fynn loves to participate in specials and is often the first one to do the motions.  We love having him in our class this year!

We are so proud of Sutton and his progress.  His personality has really started to come out in our class and he is such a fun guy!  One thing we are working on are his gross motor skills.  Seems like they haven’t caught up with his body yet – he’s growing so fast!  No worries, this will get better over the summer.  Sutton is always happy to be here and enjoys school and his friends.  He is such a precious child and we are so glad that you are sharing him with us this year!

Can’t say I’m not proud!

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The Mamarazzi

March 19, 2012