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Grandma….Great Grandma That Is

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Grandma….Jason’s Grandma is also Grandma to our boys.  Technically she is Great Grandma but everyone calls her Grandma.  Great is an understatement when referring to this woman.


Grandma came to stay with us once Kiki had to go home and we were so thankful for her two weeks with us.  Grandma was a cooking, cleaning, laundry, bottle washing, sanitizing, baby loving MACHINE!  We were so spoiled!  Grandma is always there when you need her and she and Grandpa even supply our boys with fresh, whole milk every week.  She made the boys’ crib bedding, their “first Thanksgiving” bibs, their “first Christmas” ornaments and she is always surprising them with fun toys and books.  For their first Easter she and Grandpa sent the boys books with their voices recorded as if they were reading to them.  They still have them in their bedroom.


Just as recently as a couple of weeks ago, Grandma came to stay with us and help watch the boys so I could work in the clinic more.  She showed up with the boys’ favorite toys – BALOONS AND BUBBLES!  She even introduced them to sidewalk chalk, which they love more each time they use it.  And in usual fashion she was such a wonderful cook and took wonderful care of all of us.

I only got to meet my grandmothers and one grandfather but never did I get to meet my GREAT grandparents.  My boys are so lucky that they will get to grow up knowing and loving their GREAT grandma and grandpa.

She has taught them how to wink and quack like a duck.  When I talk about being PRESENT….they are.

We love you GREAT Grandma and Grandpa!

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The Mamarazzi

July 8, 2011


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Mealtime at our house can be very messy.  Jason and I have learned to accept this.

The boys usually play or cuddle up with Daddy while I fix dinner.  I love that our kitchen is open to the living room so I don’t feel so left out.  Every few minutes one of the boys might check to see if I need help.  🙂

Cuddle TimeSutton Chewing His Book


Tonight the boys had some yummy organic baked ziti with broccoli and rice focaccia bread with an apple crisp for dessert.  I think they liked it.







They do understand the concept of a fork but once you put the food into bowls they just want to pick the bowl up and play with it.  So we just plop the food in front of them and let them go to town.

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July 6, 2011

A Year Ago

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I like to look back at all the old pictures of my babies and see how much they have changed.

This was taken a year ago….

6 months old

And here they were at the lake – from previous post…..

Lake House

If only they would stay as still as they did a year ago…..

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The Mamarazzi

July 5, 2011

Lake House

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Today was the boys’ first trip to the lake house.  Jason and I used to go every summer with friends and family but my last time there was two years ago and I was pregnant and exhausted so I didn’t enjoy the full effect of being at the lake.

Fynn and Sutton had a lot of fun.  I am positive they will look back at their childhood and have plenty of fond memories at the lake house.

We laid in the hammock…

Lake HouseLake House


We played inside….had to take breaks so the boys’ cheeks could return to a normal hue instead of BEET red from the heat and humidity.

FynnSuttonLake House

We went down to the shore and Daddy showed the boys how to throw rocks in the water.  That was a HIT!  They did not want to leave.  As we were walking away they kept picking up rocks to throw.

I think there is something in the genetic make up of all males that makes rocks attractive to play with.

Boys will be Boys.

Lake HouseLake HouseLake HouseLake HouseLake House

We played in the yard….plenty of space to run free!

Lake houseLake HouseWatching Daddy coming up from the dock.  Dad got to clean the boat!  🙂  So much fun I’m sure.

Lake House

We even played in the game room and watched all the boaters from the window.

Lake HouseLake House

Yes I ended up taking more pictures of Fynn this time around because his brother was a good boy and slept an hour longer.

After grilling out for dinner we came home and as we pulled in our driveway we got to show the boys their first fireworks from our front yard.

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The Mamarazzi

July 4, 2011

My Family Part I

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First post…I’ve been trying to decide what I want to write about in my first post on my new beautiful blog. First, I must thank Jesse @ for doing my custom design. She created this page and made my goal and vision into reality. She rocks!!

This is my world – wife to an amazing man that practices chiropractic, he’s an incredible husband, best friend and father to our boys. Mom to twin boys born January 2010. After struggling to conceive for over 3 years, our two little miracles joined our adventures in life and not only made it more fun but showed us a whole new level of love one cannot describe with words. I try to capture as much of that joy and love with a camera. I have always been the girl with the camera. In college I was always taking photos and now that I have children I can’t help myself. It’s almost an addiction. I can easily take 200+ photos in one day. I just hope to capture every moment I can with the click of my camera.

Meet my family.

Hubby & I Jason – love of my life, great Christian man, fantastic chiropractor, involved and loving father and overall the one I have the most fun with. We married young and fall more in love with each new day. He is not one to talk negatively about people and does not gossip. He is talented in so many areas. He can fix anything, whether it is an issue in the house or your car he will take care of it. He can build pretty much anything he wants, an engine to a car, a deck, a fence, a dining room table…you name it.  He is a man of integrity and has the kindest soul I’ve ever known.  I’m so thankful he approached me on that front porch at a college party in October 1999 and told me I was beautiful.  That was the day our adventure began as two young kids in love who have now grown into a beautiful family.  There have been bumps in the road at times yet he has taught me what true, unconditional love means and has shown me encouragement, support and affection when I needed it most.  Thank you God for bringing Jason into my life.  I’m the luckiest girl to get to spend my life with him and our kids will grow into amazing young men because of their father.

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The Mamarazzi

July 1, 2011