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This has been making its way around the bloggy blogs, and I was lucky enough to get tagged by Mandy at The Fabulous Baby Striblings, so I am excited to play along.

Here are the rules:
1. post these rules.

2. post a photo of yourself & 11 random facts about you.

3. answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

4. create 11 new questions & tag new people to answer them.

5. go to their blog/twitter & let them know they’ve been tagged.

So, here are my random facts about myself. (in no particular order)

1. I’m 6’1″….I’m finally agreeing with my husband that I am 6’1″.  I’ve always just said six feet tall because adding that extra inch seems to make me feel like a GIANT.

2.  I am BIG on using the proper form of “they’re” and “their” and it DRIVES me nuts when people use it incorrectly.

3.  My mom taught me to never end a sentence with a preposition and still to this day I am always making sure I don’t do it and it’s hard for me to hold back on correcting people.

4.  I am not a natural blond and once tried to go back to my darker color but then discovered I have some gray hairs…YES I HAVE GRAY HAIR!!!

5.  I keep saying I am going to write a book…I have it in my head I just need to sit down and write it!

6. I never ate cajun food until I met my husband and now I love red beans & rice as well as chicken gumbo.

7.  I still detest seafood though…except shrimp cocktail and calamari.

8.  I used to drink diet coke every single day but since watching a video on aspartame I avoid it at all costs.  I now maybe drink ONE Coke a week.

9.  I cannot sing.  IT IS HORRIBLE!  I recorded my voice once in junior high to see what I sounded like and one time Jason and I were in my old bedroom and he found it.  Pretty sure I attacked him until I broke the tape free then I destroyed.  I never felt so accomplished in my life.  And so thankful he didn’t hear it.

10.  I want to have one more baby for sure then see where we are in life to decide if we are finished.

11.  I chose Advertising as my major in college because it sounded cool.  I wish I could go back and change it to History….LOVE history and would have loved to teach at a high school level.

Okay RANDOMNESS over… are Mandy’s questions for me:

1. What is your favorite guilty pleasure food? hands down Mexican food!  I miss Kansas City Mexican restaurants!!

2. What is your biggest (or just one) regret in life? looking back I wish I would have spent more time with my mom before she passed

3. What is your favorite hobby? I love photography.  I am no professional but I love love love taking pictures and the editing process is kind of therapeutic for me.

4. What is your most favorite piece of clothing and why? any pair of jeans I can find with a 36″ inseam

5. What game show would you most love to be on and why? Price is Right…two words – SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN!!

6. If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Florence, Italy

7. Name one thing you would want to change in your life right now. (that you haven’t already blogged about) I used to work out 3-4 days a week and LOVED it but then schedules got messed up, kids got a cold, I got a cold and ever since I’ve been trying to get back but it’s difficult.

8. What is your favorite thing about each child? hmmm, so many!  Fynn – I love how easy-going this child is…for the most part.  He eats well, sleeps well, plays well and only occasionally gets frustrated or upset.  Sutton – he is so JOLLY and FUNNY!  He can be an ornery little toot but that kid makes me laugh EVERY DAY!

9. What would you love your kids/future kids to grow up to be professionally some day? ( I liked this question) duh professional athletes but with a college degree

10. What does your family do at night for dinner? (cook, take out, etc?) S-TH we usually eat at home….I cook or sometimes Jason will take over then on F & S nights we will eat out or grab something.

11. Name a great random memory. The night I fell in love with Jason.  We had met once prior to that night but then we ran into each other at a college party.  We flirted a bit and talked some but then we left with some mutual friends and got food.  We then went to Walmart and played in the toy aisle for a while…I still have my Star Wars light saber!  Then we went to the park and played around with everyone.  Finally we snuggled up on the slide and talked and watched the sun come up then Jason kissed me for the first time before taking me home.  BEST.NIGHT.EVER.

SOOOO, I am going to tag Alicia, Melissa & Jesse

My questions for you:

1. What is your favorite part about motherhood?
2.  Where do you want to be in 5 years?
3.  How did you meet your husband?
4.  What is your favorite pair of shoes?
5.  What made you want to start blogging?
6.  Favorite vacation ever?
7.  What is your biggest pet peeve?
8.  Do you prefer people to be “straight-shooters” or would you rather avoid confrontation?
9.   What city do you want to visit some day that you have yet to see?
10.  What is your favorite hobby?
11.  If you won the lottery tomorrow, what is the first thing you would do?

March 2, 2012