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Today my loves…

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Today my loves…

…you woke up SUPER happy.
…you got to see Uncle Kelly for a little bit.
…you got sad when Daddy and Uncle Kelly had to leave for Claremore.
…showed multiple examples of sharing, each made me melt!  You even hugged and kissed TWICE!
…Sutton, you were attached to Mommy!  You spent most of the morning snuggled in my lap.
…you ate A LOT! Besides naptime you ate non-stop for all but 2 hours of the day.  You ate more than me.
…you played with your cousins!
…you asked to watch the Wiggles 3 times….yes THREE!  Their songs are now stuck in my head.  Thank you for that.
…you shared an entire can of green beans so to reward you I took you to Braum’s for strawberry ice cream.  Sutton finished first then Fynn shared his with him while the two giggled and giggled…I’m sure it was a sugar high.
…you were SUPER gassy!  Yes, GASSY!
…you “face-timed” with Daddy while you ate your ice cream since he is still in Claremore.
…you got excited to brush your teeth after a bubble bath in Mommy’s BIG tub!
…you kept bringing me books before bed….I gave in and read three.
…you made me laugh and smile!  I put Sutton in his bed first and Fynn came over and peaked in Sutton’s crib to say, “night night bubba” then they said, “lub you.”  UGH does it get any sweeter!  TEARS!
…I realized how fast you are growing up and it’s making me want to spend every single second with you….I don’t want to miss anything!

Today my loves you made me love you EVEN more!

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The Mamarazzi


March 18, 2012