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My Family Part III

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Ahhhhh my sweet Sutton!!!


Sutton is my youngest.  🙂  He is two minutes younger than Fynn and I am sure that will be mentioned often down the road.

I will never forget my worry for this sweet boy.  Later in my pregnancy I found out I had cholestasis, which required me to go to the doctor twice a week for bio physicals.  This was basically a sonogram which allowed us to monitor the boys’ breathing, movements, heart rates, etc.  There had been a couple of appointments where we thought we would be delivering but then decided after more tests it was okay to allow the pregnancy to continue a bit longer.  At 35 weeks and 5 days I went into the appointment alone and came out heading to the hospital.  I remember calling my mother-in-law from the waiting room telling her I was going to BEG and PLEAD for my doctor to take them out NOW.  The itching was beyond torture…..IT.WOULD.NOT.STOP!  I think Jason was ready for it to be over as well, since the scratching kept him up all night too.  During the biophysical Fynn passed with flying colors but they spend over an HOUR on Sutton and had concerns for his well-being.  That was at 4:00 and they were born at 6:14 and 6:16 p.m.

Once Fynn was out I was so tense waiting to hear my next little guy’s cry.  He was breach and the doctor had a tough time getting him out.  Fynn had been head down ready to come out for some time so he was quick to come out.  After what felt like 30 minutes (which in all actuality was more like 30 seconds) I was told Sutton was out.  I didn’t hear any crying though.  I kept asking if he was okay and they assured me he was fine that breach babies sometimes don’t cry right when they are born.  Jason ran over to check on him and came back to inform me “Sutton has your big lips!”  He did have a few hiccups – minor hip dysplasia, heart murmur and a recessed chin, which made nursing almost impossible.Daddy & Sutton

The feeling I described in Fynn’s post was magnified now – all of this times two within minutes of each other might make a woman faint!  Seeing them together, one in each of daddy’s arms was a vision I will never ever forget.

A week after we came home from the hospital we went back to visit some friends who had just had their son.  In the hallway we saw my anesthesiologist who was BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!!!!  I wish I could remember his name.  He stopped us in the hallway of the hospital and told us that after our delivery he went home and told his wife he had seen such a beautiful moment of pure joy and happiness.  He said he has done this so long and it’s usually all the same but with us he saw something awesome.  I thought that was so sweet!

Sutton had two things from day 1 – BIG LIPS and HUGE CHEEKS!


This child slept the first 3-4 months of life.  Literally would suck a bottle down without even opening his eyes.  Every photo I took with my iPhone was of him asleep or looking about half-asleep.  He had the most adorable little grin.  His dark blue eyes would light up when he would smile.  He was always such a snuggler!  We got into a horrible habit of letting him sleep on our chests because the sweetness of those moments was undeniable.  My father-in-law is the nickname man and he still to this day calls Sutton “potato man.”  No one is quite sure why it is his nickname but it is.

Sutton Sleeping

Sutton & Mama

Now at almost 18 months old he is such a passionate, vibrant, entertaining little guy.  He is so vocal and speaks with such conviction he could convince you the sky is purple.  This child has little to no fear!  He would walk right off the couch if we would let him.  This fearlessness has led us to sometimes refer to him as “knot head.”  Sutton can’t go one week without banging into something.  His favorite game is peek-a-boo and like his brother he LOVES books.  They love their Bible Stories and Bible Prayers books, which makes me a happy mama.  Sutton has been such a wonderful eater since he was a baby.  I was always so sad because he couldn’t nurse well.  He only latched ONCE and I will never forget the bonding I felt to him and how elated I was in that moment.  But, I worked so hard to pump for him to get some breast milk!!

Sutton has the funniest facial expressions and it seems like each second there is a new one.  His favorite is the crinkled nose!  He will do it when he is happy and even when he is angry.  This boy’s laugh is from the GUT!  It is the funniest most contagious giggle and it comes out pretty easy.  I always say he is my passionate child.  He can be emotional and temper-mental but he can also be the most tender boy.  He loves to share his toys with me and gets frustrated when Fynn won’t take what he is trying to give him.

I’m so curious as to who these two guys will grow into.  It’s so amazing to see two children who shared a womb for 35 weeks and 5 days share a language only they understand, yet they are so different in so many ways!

I don’t do much as far as making an impact on the world….I don’t save lives, I don’t fight in wars, I don’t make million dollar decisions each day…..but I will say this, I will do my best to raise two well-rounded, polite, loving and admirable boys who I hope will make a wonderful difference in their lives.

Until next post….

The Mamarazzi

July 3, 2011