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Memorial Weekend 2012

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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Our weekend was AWESOME!  Friday we took the boys and got a few pictures of them playing on a gravel road by our house, splurged with some ice cream and played so well together all day!  Aunt Kim, Grandpa and Uncle Tom came by with some new t-shirts for the boys as well as some homemade pickled beets for me.  Daddy and I got to snuggle up and watch We Bought a Zoo….HIGHLY recommend it, great movie!  Saturday we worked in the yard some more, cleaned, went to the store and played.  We have been enjoying our new patio furniture!

Sunday after church and brunch our good friends, Katie and Reid, came to visit with their 2-year-old son, Owen, and 4-month-old son, Boone.  We also invited two other families over for a big BBQ!

There were 9 kids and 8 adults.
We jumped and jumped…
Even Daddy jumped!
We had a fun new sprinkler!
Of course kids find the hose cart so fun!
Sutton did not like the grass sticking to his feet!
Katie is always sooo good with all the kiddos!

We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and so much yummy food!
Spending some quality time with awesome people made my weekend perfect.
I loved being surrounded by old friends as well as new.

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The Mamarazzi

May 30, 2012

We love you Auntie Nai Nai

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Jason’s youngest sister, Janai, is moving to L.A. tomorrow to follow her dreams.  I am SOOO happy for her and beyond proud of her but so sad she is leaving!

Last night was the family BBQ to say “goodbye.”

Auntie Nai Nai with my niece Elliot.

My nephew Eric being silly!

Fynn fell last week and scraped his knees leaving one with a big scab.
Last night he fell again causing the scab to come off and lots of blood to flow out.
He was NOT a happy guy.
Kiki makes it all better!

And Grandma helped…

This kid LOVES his cousin’s computer!

Nai Nai with her niece and nephews.
Fynn, Elliot, Sutton and Eric!

Sutton wanted to keep posing.

This child will not let anyone leave ANY door open.  I can barely get in our fridge
before he comes over wanting to shut it.
He could have worse habits I guess.

And finally, we had s’mores!!!

This picture cracks me up and she may get mad I posted it but she POSED like this!

Nai Nai, life here in Oklahoma will not be the same without you!  I will miss you SO MUCH!  I will really miss our breakfast outings we have with the boys and all the times we get to just sit and talk.
You are such an AMAZING young woman and I KNOW you will do AMAZING things!

You better come back and visit….

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The Mamarazzi


September 16, 2011