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Wordless Wednesday – MOOSE

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I’ve been gone for a while……lots going on.  My post is still a work in progress to describe what we have been going through these past few weeks and I hope to finish it tomorrow.

In the meantime, how about some fun!?

Wordless Wednesday but with words over at and then, she {snapped}

In light of what has happened we have had family in town and that meant Moose was staying with us.
Moose is the “son” of Jason’s Uncle Kelly and his wife Aunt Anne.
They live in Kansas City, where we lived for four years and we miss them terribly!

And the boys LOVE them and MOOSE!

They especially love Moose kisses!


and  then, she {snapped}

Until next post…hopefully tomorrow 🙁

The Mamarazzi

February 23, 2012