Sunday Funday

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Yesterday turned out to be a family Sunday Funday!
Aunt Jenny brought the cousins over for some sprinkler fun.
Eric loves to put his face in the sprinkler and try to drink the water.
Fynn trying to test the water..
Fynn still a little hesitant.

Aunt Jenny also brought some Taco Bueno.  The boys have never had an entire bean burrito (party size for you Bueno people) to just eat up.  Fynn was in burrito heaven!
Oh yeah….he enjoyed it!

It’s going to be sad when our cousins have to leave.

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March 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday – ICE CREAM

For those that know me, know I’m very strict with what my kids eat.  Since they were babies I have given them pretty much 90% organic, home-cooked goodness.  This year they had their first french fry and at 26 months they have only had them twice.  I cringe each time.  They have yet to eat at the dreaded “golden arches” and I will make it my mission in life to keep that going as long as possible.  Some may roll their eyes at me, including my husband at times, but it’s just how I feel.  I guess it is the one thing I still have some SAY in!

Well, Saturday Jason was with his family working on grandma and grandpa’s house, getting it cleaned out.  The boys and I had a GREAT day together!  When dinner came they ate a TON of chicken and green beans.  Seriously shocked at their appetite lately but when they started shoveling the green beans in by the handful I was surprised.  I then started to put the leftovers in a tupperware container but when Fynn saw them he YELLED “GREEN BEANS! MORE!”  ummm OF COURSE you can have MORE green beans.  They polished them ALL!  So, I felt the need to reward them and decided a trip to get Braum’s ice cream was our treat…..I will say I was CRAVING some cappuccino chunky chocolate…my favorite!

I got each boy a junior scoop of strawberry ice cream….yes at least it has chunks of strawberries in it.  They have had bites of ice cream a couple of times but NEVER their own bowl!

I think they liked it…

and  then, she {snapped}

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March 22, 2012

Preschool Reports

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Last week before the kids got out for Spring Break we got their reports from preschool.

Fynn is such a sweet, gentle little guy! He concentrates so intently on what he is doing that we often have to get him to loosen up and give us a smile, which is always so cute!  We are still working with Fynn on communicating with us using his words.  He is doing better and we know that he probably talks more at home.  Fynn loves to participate in specials and is often the first one to do the motions.  We love having him in our class this year!

We are so proud of Sutton and his progress.  His personality has really started to come out in our class and he is such a fun guy!  One thing we are working on are his gross motor skills.  Seems like they haven’t caught up with his body yet – he’s growing so fast!  No worries, this will get better over the summer.  Sutton is always happy to be here and enjoys school and his friends.  He is such a precious child and we are so glad that you are sharing him with us this year!

Can’t say I’m not proud!

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March 19, 2012

Just a bath…

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We started giving the boys a bath more often in our big tub because it’s bigger making it more fun for them as well as easier for us.

Jason taught the boys how to blow the bubbles and make them go EVERYWHERE!  Sutton is still trying to figure it out.

He thinks it is SO FUN!Still trying…Fynn just wants me to do it.

Having fun

Who knew a bath could be so fun?

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March 19, 2012

Today my loves…

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Today my loves…

…you woke up SUPER happy.
…you got to see Uncle Kelly for a little bit.
…you got sad when Daddy and Uncle Kelly had to leave for Claremore.
…showed multiple examples of sharing, each made me melt!  You even hugged and kissed TWICE!
…Sutton, you were attached to Mommy!  You spent most of the morning snuggled in my lap.
…you ate A LOT! Besides naptime you ate non-stop for all but 2 hours of the day.  You ate more than me.
…you played with your cousins!
…you asked to watch the Wiggles 3 times….yes THREE!  Their songs are now stuck in my head.  Thank you for that.
…you shared an entire can of green beans so to reward you I took you to Braum’s for strawberry ice cream.  Sutton finished first then Fynn shared his with him while the two giggled and giggled…I’m sure it was a sugar high.
…you were SUPER gassy!  Yes, GASSY!
…you “face-timed” with Daddy while you ate your ice cream since he is still in Claremore.
…you got excited to brush your teeth after a bubble bath in Mommy’s BIG tub!
…you kept bringing me books before bed….I gave in and read three.
…you made me laugh and smile!  I put Sutton in his bed first and Fynn came over and peaked in Sutton’s crib to say, “night night bubba” then they said, “lub you.”  UGH does it get any sweeter!  TEARS!
…I realized how fast you are growing up and it’s making me want to spend every single second with you….I don’t want to miss anything!

Today my loves you made me love you EVEN more!

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March 18, 2012

Last Year

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I started thinking about my Flashback Friday post this week because A LOT happened last year at this time.

We moved into our house and the boys started WALKING!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from last year.

This was when we still lived with my stepdad and the ball pit was a NEW toy!
Fynn looks SO YOUNG!

They would not eat meat…nor chicken so I would coat tofu with wheat germ for them to eat and it was MESSY!

Another before we moved…teaching them to clean YOUNG!

This might be one of my ALL-TIME favorites!
Sutton LOVES Mouse!  His teachers at school even talk about the mouse tail during nap time and how he takes forever to fall asleep because he plays with it constantly!

This was RIGHT after we moved in and the boys started walking!!

These windows have been the perfect height for the boys but the finger prints drive me nuts!

They started playing together MUCH more at this time.
Another favorite.

It’s so crazy how much they have grown!!

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March 16, 2012

Embracing the Tripod

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Fun with the tripod and remote today!

I have say THANK YOU to my dad and stepmom for giving me the equipment!

These two are my lucky charms.

Can’t fake this kind of happiness!

Click on the image above and check out all the Embrace the Camera posts!

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March 16, 2012


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The boys’ new favorite game to play outside is “chase mama” and I LOVE IT!

Yes, he has handfuls of grass that he likes to throw on my head and then giggle really hard!

I should probably not encourage them but it’s so much fun.

Yes I encourage them to chase me, who wouldn’t want to see these smiles and hear those giggles!

Plus, any parent will tell you, any activity that wears the kids out is a good thing!

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March 15, 2012

The World of Twins

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Last fall I joined the local Moms of Multiples organization and I have met some great mommies through our monthly meetings.  We also sometimes get our kiddos together for play dates.  There are two other sets of twins who also turned 2 in January and they all came over to play recently.

Hunter & Donna
Love this picture! 🙂

Gracyn & her baby sister Avery

Braden & Hunter mixing some beats
Love that curly hair!

Sutton LOVES Donna!  He would run up to her and she would do this so of course he wouldn’t let her stop!

Hunter’s expression cracks me up!

The boys LOVED baby Avery!
It kind of reassured me they would be okay if we had another.

I love having play dates!  It breaks up the monotony of being home with the boys and gives them more practice sharing and making friends.

Gracyn has a twin brother but he was a busy body and I couldn’t catch any good pictures of him.  They are both in the same preschool class as Fynn and Sutton.

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March 12, 2012