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Yes, my boys see a camera and they know to look at it and smile.

I think I will begin documenting life once every few months in this spot with our tripod and remote.
It was fun to compare to our last picture like this taken back in March.

Happy Thursday!

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August 23, 2012


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I have been procrastinating writing on here way too long!!  We have just been super busy enjoying life and all the new adventures.
Sutton recovered from surgery amazingly!  You would never know he had an operation.  We have been getting ready for the new school year to begin, my new photography business picking up, a Stella & Dot trunk show and some networking for the chiropractic clinic.

Last weekend Daddy went to Dallas for a guys’ weekend so it was Mommy and the boys!
I have to say it was SO much fun…..for the most part.
Friday I took the boys to eat pizza for dinner.  This was my first dining alone with the boys experience.  They did great!
I then rewarded their great behavior with frozen yogurt, which they LOVE.
After a visit with Kiki and Pappy we went home and painted.

Usually when we paint it is at the table inside but this time I unrolled a large section of paper and taped it to the driveway.  The boys crack me up!  They love to paint but never do anything but dots.  They literally just put the brush on the paper and blob it, then move to a blank spot.  I will try to encourage them to let go and get crazy with the painting but nope.

See the dots! Haa!

After we painted it was past our bedtime but we snuck in a quick bath, which is always fun.
Then came the worst part of the weekend!
99.99999% of the time our kids go to bed SUPER easy.  We say, “time to go night night” and everyone heads upstairs to brush teeth/bath/pajamas and we say prayers, give kisses, do our family kiss and lay down.  Simple as that.
Well of course the night Daddy is gone Sutton decides to put up the worst fight ever.  I have no clue what was wrong with him but if I wasn’t holding him he was climbing out of his bed, screaming, hysterical, shaking, sobbing….well you get the picture.  This went on for 1.5 hours!  I even had Daddy FaceTime to calm him down, which helped until we got off the phone.  I was literally sweating and exhausted by the time he finally fell asleep.

Saturday I had plans to take them to the park in the morning and then have a picnic but it rained most of the day.
Our friends, Aubrey and Cam, came over to play and have dinner, which wore them out.

Sunday we had brunch with Kiki, Pappy, Grandpa and Aunt Kim at our favorite First Watch.
Aside from Friday night’s bedtime disaster it was such a great weekend!

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August 22, 2012

Some of our friends

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Our boys are OBSESSED with Cars.  Fynn always has Mater and Sutton McQueen.  Literally, they took them to Hobby Lobby today.  OBSESSED.

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August 3, 2012

Simple Things – The Sprinkler

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Jason and I were gone for seminar Friday and Saturday but when we got home Saturday evening the boys wanted to play in the sprinkler.  Aunt Kim had been watching them while we were gone and had gotten it out for them to play so they were all about it.

I do always appreciate it when my husband takes the camera from me so I can prove I do exist.


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July 30, 2012

Be Proud

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Today you are 2 1/2 years old and you share this day with your daddy’s birthday.  So on this day I want to tell you a little about the man you were BLESSED with as a father.

You should always be proud of your daddy!  He is such a man of character and faith that you should try to follow his example.

He is incredibly intelligent.  If you ever have trouble learning something or trying to figure something out, go to your dad.  He has built a deck, finished a basement, built a car from scratch and even built a fence all by teaching himself.  He is always learning new things and can retain knowledge like no other!

He is the most compassionate, honest, loyal person I know.  He has a strong faith that inspires me to stay on the path to Christ.  He has a sensitive heart to those in need and he taught me the true meaning in tithing.  He doesn’t lie and if someone needs his help, he is there.  The best part is he NEVER asks for anything in return.  He will help a friend move, fix his grandparents’ computer, help his sister set up a website, you name it…he helps others all the time.

Your daddy followed his dream, even when it was a tough road, he did it.  He didn’t decide to become a chiropractor until later in his 20’s but he said to me it was and always will be his PASSION.  HE LOVES WHAT HE DOES.  He gets so excited helping people feel better.  This characteristic has inspired me to do things I never even considered before meeting him.  Let his example be a valuable lesson in life.  Don’t ever hesitate to do what you LOVE.

And your daddy LOVES LOVES LOVES you boys!  He is the daddy getting on the floor wrestling, building forts, teaching you to ride bikes, teaching you to catch a ball or throw a ball and he is the daddy who snuggles with you and kisses your boo boos.  He is the daddy ALL kids should have.

Your dad is a wonderful example of how to treat your future wife.  Your daddy constantly shows me how much he loves me and tells me I’m beautiful all the time, even when I have no make-up on and in gym clothes.  He remembers to surprise me with little things…like a last minute dinner date, a homemade gift from you boys, little things that add up.

I pray every day you get these values from your daddy as you grown into men.


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The Mamarazzi

July 19, 2012

Hawsies & a fake duck

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Last Sunday we took the boys out to Jason’s aunt Kim and uncle Tom’s farm.  We have taken them once before and Sutton loved riding the hawsie but Fynn not so much.  As soon as they saw the hawsies Sutton tried climbing through the fence to get to them (our fearless child) but Fynn was good saying hi from a distance.

I think he rode Betty about three different times.  Even after Uncle Tom took Betty back to her closed in field he still wanted to “ride hawsie.”
Fynn was hesitant to get on the horse but once she started walking he FREAKED OUT.
They have a small fish pond with a fake duck in it, which literally entertained the boys for well over 30 minutes.  No lie.
And of course we sat watching and waiting for one of them to fall in.
Thanks Aunt Kim and Uncle Tom for having us out to play!
We will be back VERY SOON.

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The Mamarazzi

July 17, 2012

Just a few pics…

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…..of my sweet boys!
They got haircuts.  It is way too hot in Oklahoma for any hair on these busy bodies.

Stay cool my friends!
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The Mamarazzi

July 12, 2012

Boys’ “First” 4th

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No, this wasn’t their first 4th of July….their 3rd actually.  But, it was their first time to experience the fireworks.  The first year they were almost 6 months old and I was more worried about the fireworks waking up my babies!  Last year we had been to the lake house all day and only saw the fireworks on our drive home, which they slept through.  So, this year we got sparklers and poppers and a few others and they LOVED them!  We went to Kiki & Pappy’s house for dinner and then let them play and it was hysterical!  Sutton would just throw the poppers on the ground one by one without even looking.  Fynn liked to put them on the driveway and then step on them.

Since Fynn can be a bit of a weeny I suggested we use the plastic cups as shields (something I saw on Pinterest) and it worked great!

After our fireworks we headed down to the river to watch the BIG fireworks!

We ended up waiting a while because we wanted to be there early when the jets flew over.  They had some airplanes at first, which the boys were glued to for at least 20 minutes and once the jets flew overhead Fynn FREAKED OUT!  Sutton loved them!  Fynn, not so much.  Well, not so much until Pappy said HE liked the jets…then of course Fynn had to announce, “I like the jets!”

Side note: Sutton has become attached to this random cover to the Toy Story 2 movie case.  It is so worn out and we somehow managed to get two of them so he always wants Fynn to carry the other.

I’ve seen countless firework shows in my 31 years of living but seeing it through my kids’ eyes for the first time was so cool.  They were mesmerized!

Hope everyone had a great 4th and THANK YOU to all our service men and women for protecting our FREEDOM!

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July 7, 2012


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The boys are OBSESSED with jumping.  They love to jump in their cribs, on their trampoline or even just walking through the house.  They try soooo hard but don’t get very high.  Tonight daddy was trying to teach them how to really get up.  Fynn got into it but Sutton wanted daddy to just throw him up in the air.

Fynn really gets into it….lowers down, winds up his arm and then jumps about a centimeter in the air.
Not sure what this is…
Sometimes my favorite moments are us just hanging out at home being silly.

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The Mamarazzi

July 2, 2012