I live for my family and I try to make daily choices to better our lives in all realms.  I was the girl in college always on medications and always sick.  Once I married a chiropractor I discovered there were other ways to live.  I started learning and researching everything I was putting in my body and vowed to make a change, especially once these little people entered our world.

We truly believe the body is fully capable of healing itself, we just need to make choices to keep our bodies as healthy as we can.  From the foods we eat to getting adjusted and treatments for illness, every single choice will help determine the state of your health.
Discovering essential oils has made a huge impact on our lives.  We incorporate them into our daily lives and it has been nothing but better.  I lived in a bubble full of doctor visits and antibiotics for years without knowing anything about these other options.  It is a passion of mine to help others discover ways to take control of their health and wellness.

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March 7, 2017