Flashback Friday – 3 weeks old

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Two years ago we had TWO three week old twins and we were BARELY sleeping.  We were lucky enough to have help the first month home from the hospital but it was A LOT of work.
They were on an awesome 3-hour schedule but for me it meant….
Nurse Fynn while someone bottle-fed Sutton – this would take 30-45 minutes
Wait 45 minutes so I could PUMP for Sutton’s next feeding
Shower, eat, sleep
Start over again

Fynn with milk dribbling…SO SMALL

Sutton literally slept ALL THE TIME.

The pediatrician told us when we left the hospital that we needed to wake them every 3 hours in the night to feed them.
It never dawned on me to ask at their follow-up appointments to make sure we STILL needed to do this.
For the first 3 months we would SET OUR ALARMS (yes I now CRINGE when I think of it) to feed them.
One of us would go make bottles while the other WOKE THEM and changed diapers.
Once they were fed they would go back to sleep and I would PUMP SOME MORE.

I only nursed Fynn because Sutton’s recessed chin made latching almost impossible.
He latched ONE TIME.
I only nursed Fynn for about 5-6 weeks then just went to straight pumping.
And that only lasted until they were about 12-13 weeks.

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February 11, 2012
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