Dear Fynn

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You simply light up my life.
You have been SUCH an easy kiddo to raise.
You go with the flow for the most part.  You tend to get a little opinionated when picking out a movie to watch.
You are tender.  Soft-spoken most of the time.  Focused. Simply Sweet.

When you start running or even just walking fast you get your arm wound up and it might just be one of the cutest things we have ever seen.  Your daddy and I always give each other a little smirk when we see it coming.
You are OBSESSED with ALL sports.  You could shoot hoops (or bas-keet-ball), kick the soccer ball, throw the football, catch the football and even hit the baseball off the tee – ALL DAY LONG.
When you are doing any of the above you always look up to see if I am watching and I ALWAYS AM!  And each time you realize I am watching, your face lights up with such joy.

You have started talking SO MUCH more, it is a language I am still learning and I can now translate for others.
Day by day it gets a little clearer.
When you want me to come see something, you run up and grab my hand and say, “i comin.”

You still LOVE books.

Even if you see a book on a cartoon you shout, “BOOK!”

You are so concerned with your brother and won’t leave the house without him.  If you get your clothes changed first, you will say, “Bubba next.”

You ABSOLUTELY love to color and draw.  And you are really good.  You enjoy drawing shapes and telling me which one is a circle, a square, triangle, star and so on.

I see so many diverse aspects of your personality it amazes me each day.

You go to bed at night so easily, practically climbing into your crib.  You don’t really ever try to climb out.  When you wake in the morning or from your nap you quietly sit in your crib waiting for Bubba to wake up or for Mommy to come get you.

The only time you seem to get fussy lately is when we make you leave something fun or when I leave the room.  You have started a little separation anxiety, which we are trying to stop.

You are so inquisitive and always wanting to figure out HOW things work.  You love to count and have to always try and do the fingers to match the numbers.

I pray that you will always keep the sweet, gentle spirit you have now and I pray you carry on that character with your future wife and children.  I pray you will always want your mommy close by.  I know you will do something amazing with your life and I am so excited to find out what exactly that is.  Thank you for being my “little man” and I will love you forever and always.

and  then, she {snapped}

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June 6, 2012
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