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Twin Mom Struggles

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Today was the first day of 2nd grade.  Our first year to have the boys in separate classes.  I get a lot of strange reactions when I tell people they have always been in the same class.  Most people silently judge and throw out comments about letting them be individuals (as if they aren’t already) or something similar.  You know those lists of things NOT to say in specific situations?  Well, I could come up with quite a few for parents of multiples.

When we first found out we were having twins I was TERRIFIED!  My husband got home and immediately went to our computer (we didn’t even have iPhones yet, can you remember life before instant internet access?) and looked up images of women full-term with twins.  He was so excited but cracking me up with these images of women so big and pregnant.  Then I became even more terrified.  I was growing TWO babies in my belly and I was going to get that big.

I didn’t know anyone with twins.  I had no clue what to do with one baby, much less twins.  I tried to read some books but they were all different and so I just stopped reading all together.  I went with the advice of, “you will figure it out and know what to do.”

They started out sharing one bassinet in the hospital, a co-sleeper next to our bed, then sharing one crib to then sharing a room with individual cribs.  We had an extra spare room but until I saw a need to separate them, they were good together.  They started Mother’s Day Out at 18-months, in the same class.  There was only one 18-month class.  From that point on we kept them together – 3 years for MDO, PreK, Kindergarten and then 1st grade.  They are BEST FRIENDS, not just brothers or twins.

One is more confident and outspoke while the other is a bit more reserved in a classroom setting.  Those characteristics became stronger and more apparent by the middle of 1st grade.  One was speaking more for the other, which made him not confident in asking for help.  It was an issue all year.  We struggled at school and at home.  But, I wasn’t going to split them in the middle of a school year, even if I could.

We knew we were splitting them for 2nd grade.  We have been preparing them all summer for this.  The night before our first day both boys were saying, “I’m so excited!”

We are raising two incredible boys.  They continuously blow me away with their tender hearts and loving spirits.  They are resilient, brave, kind, funny, smart and genuinely care for their friends and family.  And they rocked the first day of school!



P.S. I may or may not have cried most of the day.

August 24, 2017


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Our boys have shared everything since birth.  The longest they have been apart was when Sutton had hernia surgery at 2 1/2 or the occasional special dates they get to go on with mom and dad.  They have always loved the same things…..same sports, had the same friends, same games….everything was shared.  They are best friends, which is what we want for them.

Part of the reason they have stayed in the same class at school is for selfish reasons.  They only have class parties and parental involvement in class for so long and I don’t want to be put in the position of having to choose or miss memories with them.  I’ve never seen a major reason to separate them until this year.  They are both incredibly smart and talented.  One may excel in an area while the other excels in another.

But for some reason this year just feels like the year of changes.  We let them pick which sport they wanted to play (if any) this spring and they chose different sports.  Fynn is playing baseball and Sutton is playing soccer.  It is an adjustment in little ways but the most challenging part is our schedules just got HECTIC!  Add in my photography work and we won’t see much “free time” until June.  But they are thrilled and loving it!  It was so strange to go watch only ONE kid play a game.

And tonight is the first night they are sleeping in separate rooms!  It is time to give them their own space and let them flourish as individuals.

I’m just so thankful I get to be their mama to see the men they grow into!

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March 7, 2017

A big request

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You both have been asking for a baby for a few months now and it is the sweetest request I’ve ever heard.

Just today on the way home from school Fynn asked when his baby is coming because it is taking a long long time.  I asked if he wanted a baby brother or baby sister and as usual he said sister.  Then both boys went on and on about how they would rock the baby, give the baby a bottle, a binkie, a baby snack and Fynn said he would share his cars with her.

I love you two so much and I am so lucky to be your mom.


October 8, 2013

December 2012

Ahhhh, I WILL be better with keeping up my blog this year!!  Here’s a recap of December.  Busy month.  Fun Month.
We made Christmas cookies with Aubrey and Cam.
We also went on the Christmas Train, which I think will be an annual tradition from here on out!
Fynn was so excited for the train ride and Sutton was a little tired and quiet but when we got to the carousel he completely brightened up.  He was so happy on there and could have stayed on it all night.
We listened to carol singers, ate yummy stew and cornbread, ride mini horses and drank hot chocolate.

Christmas was a little difficult this year without Grandma.
Luckily the boys being another year old made it more fun because they were finally into opening presents and santa and the whole bit.
Uncle Jordan came to visit as well.
Fynn completely did this on his own.  Once he put those glasses on he became an entirely different boy.
The boys are complete wrestlers lately.
We were at a nice Christmas party and they started wrestling in the middle of the floor.
Of course everyone there thought it was so cute and funny but I was mortified.
Luckily they are 2 (ALMOST 3) so we can get away with it for now.
Fynn asked Santa for a race car and Sutton asked for a microphone.
And grandpa Jim and Linda sent this awesome roller coaster!
Papa O gave some awesome stocking stuffers and Sutton loved his Cars magazine.
Aunt Kim and Uncle Tom got this awesome double sided race track that they LOVE!
Miranda got them these cute books that Sutton loves.
Although I love the Christmas decorations I was happy to have our house back to normal once we took everything down.
And of course we had our annual play date with our twin friends!

My goal for 2013 is to do a better job at document my babies since they are almost 3 and no longer babies but BIG BOYS!

Until next post…

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January 12, 2013

The Dreaded Potty Training

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I’ve been having mixed emotions about potty training ever since our boys were born.  I get excited thinking about saving money from diapers but I dread the accidents, having to take them to the potty in public.  There are TWO of them so knowing my luck I’ll take one then the other will have to go right after.  Well, it’s been a month and they are doing pretty good…at least when I don’t leave to do a photo session or a Stella & Dot jewelry show.

We did the 3-day method most of my mommy friends have used.  The first day I did alone until Jason got home about 1 from work and that was the longest morning OF MY LIFE!

By Friday evening Sutton had it down….even pooping in the potty.

By Saturday evening they were both getting better.

Monday came and it was becoming much easier.

Then I left town the next weekend and my husband was in a mess of pee and poop, poor guy!

So we got back on track and it’s still a lot of work but it’s worth it.

Fynn is GREAT with peeing….I can’t remember the last accident he had with pee.  It’s the pooping that is frustrating!

Sutton is doing great but will have accidents here and there.

We did stickers for peeing in the potty and M&Ms for poo poos.
And lots of HIGH FIVES!

They loved to count their stickers.
And we also did BIG prizes like airplanes and race cars.

Silly boys!

They are doing good and I know it will just get better and better.
It is so intriguing to watch a small human LEARN something so simple as going to the potty.
That first day you really see the “light go off” and it is such an amazing thing to experience.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

November 4, 2012

Penguin Suits

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The boys were “page boys” in their first wedding last weekend!  The rehearsal was Friday evening and judging by how well that went I wasn’t too confident in their ability to walk down the aisle the next day.  I had been working on getting them to TRY on their tuxedos for weeks but they always ran and said, “NO mama!”  They hated them.  It was as if they KNEW it was an important outfit and they just wanted to make me worry.  Saturday after their nap and snack we slowly put the tuxedo on…along with daddy putting on his suit.  “See Daddy is putting on his slacks.”  “Daddy is putting on his shirt.” And so on.  We eventually got the slacks, shirts, socks, dress shoes, bow ties and vests on!  AND THEY LOOKED SOOOO STINKING CUTE!!!!!

We got to the church an hour early and they were able to have enough time to warm up to everyone, especially the flower girl….Hollie.  They fell in love with her! 🙂

But when it came time to put their boutonnieres on they weren’t having it!  That was a task!!!

Pretty sure Hollie helped with that!


By the time we were all getting in position to walk down the aisle the boys were loving all the ladies!

Their shoes did not come in half sizes so I had to order up…poor Sutton kept losing his shoe!  But, he would grab it and want it right back on his foot.
I wish I would have gotten some pictures of them actually walking down the aisle but I was at the front trying to make sure they came to me.  They walked down the aisle and right past me to Aunt Rue!  I was cracking up!  They didn’t want their roles to end.

Luckily the ceremony was short and we kept the boys quiet with snacks but we had to stay after for pictures and they actually posed with the bride (Aunt Rue’s sister) which wasn’t shocking because they are used to having a camera in their faces!

We took the boys to the reception for a little bit but they didn’t get to hang out very long….they were exhausted from all the excitement.

With our friends Aubrey and Camdyn
I think it is safe to say any tiny human in a tuxedo is about the cutest thing out there!  I am so proud of my babies!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

May 23, 2012

A lil country

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Thanks to my friend Stacy, we got to experience the TRUE outdoors this week!

My boys were soooo hesitant to even get on this monster but they eventually agreed once we saw Archer and Stockton jump on.
Oh good ole peer pressure.
Fynn still looks a little hesitant.
Now he is ready to drive.
Nothing like some good ole dirt when you are a boy!
Love this smile!
We all played so well together.  We played in the water table, we met their pet bird and doggies, we rode down to the pond, we played on their play set and we EVEN ate lunch!
I was able to keep the boys awake the entire ride home (55 minutes) and they took a GOOOOOOOD nap!

I would LOVE to live in the wide open spaces like Stacy and her boys but for now we are suburb people.
I do intent to at least grow our own veggies soon.
Thanks for the play date….we’ll be back soon!

Until next post…

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May 10, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Part II

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More pics from Kiki & Pappy’s house!

The boys and their cousin, Eric, are exactly 12 weeks apart – TO THE DAY!

All three of them were wrestling like crazy this weekend.

Cousin Eric and Sutton wrestling!  So funny!

Saturday also marked the beginning of college football.  We are HUGE Oklahoma State University fans.  I graduated from there and Jason went there before chiropractic college.

We bleed ORANGE!!!

For the game on Saturday we went to the Darrows’ house to play with some friends.  It was ALL GIRLS.  We had a 9-month old, 2 1/2 year-old, 3 1/2 year-old twin girls and a 4 1/2 year-old.  Again, ALL GIRLS.

Sweet Avery going down the slide!

Baby Cam!

Sutton playing soccer

Going to guess and say this is Ava!?  LOL!  These twin girls look SO much alike to me!  They both have such gorgeous hair and they are so funny and sweet!

If that’s Ava then this one is of Addie.  🙂 LOL!

Aubrey is SUPER excited about something!  Must be our COWBOYS! 🙂

When it was time for dinner we had a big picnic on the floor and all the kids did so well!  Aside from Avery bonking her head REALLY hard on the table they did well.

OSU won, kids played and had a blast, all the mommies and daddies got to catch up and everyone had a great time!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

September 7, 2011