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How I spend My Days

Life is truly full of changes and transitions and each time something new happens I learn to embrace it with an open mind and open heart.  My husband encouraged me to start my own photography business and hearing his uplifting words made me confident to just DO IT.  So I did and I was nervous about how it would go and what people would say.  I would be putting my work, my personal work on display for others to truly critique.  It is one thing to do it for myself but having someone trust ME to capture the moment in life they want to capture is nerve wracking.  But, I took my time and built a small portfolio and then literally within weeks I had two paid sessions booked.  And now, my next three months are filling fast!

We also recently decided to hire a new chiropractic assistant so I would no longer work in the clinic two afternoons each week.
I’ll still pop in and help out when the boys are in school and I have time but I need to take this time to REALLY focus on what makes me happy…being a mommy to our boys and photography.
I want to have time to really learn more and more and practice more and more and the way my life has been lately I just don’t have a lot of time.

So I will now be devoting my “free” time each week to photography and when the boys are not in preschool I will be 100% with them.  I have to add that “free” time will also be spent grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning, laundry and all the great things that come with being an adult.

We recently went to spend a morning at a local park.  We had a picnic, played on the playground and then walked the entire sidewalk checking out the ducks, the trees and enjoying being outside.

The boys are now at such a FUN age.  They play together so well (MOST OF THE TIME) and they will hold hands, kiss each other’s boo boos, say sorry when they hurt the other…just a fun age.
They were walking in front of me and held hands and I could barely compose myself to capture it with my camera!

Exciting things are happening and I am so thankful GOD has blessed me with such riches!


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The Mamarazzi

August 27, 2012


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The boys are OBSESSED with jumping.  They love to jump in their cribs, on their trampoline or even just walking through the house.  They try soooo hard but don’t get very high.  Tonight daddy was trying to teach them how to really get up.  Fynn got into it but Sutton wanted daddy to just throw him up in the air.

Fynn really gets into it….lowers down, winds up his arm and then jumps about a centimeter in the air.
Not sure what this is…
Sometimes my favorite moments are us just hanging out at home being silly.

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The Mamarazzi

July 2, 2012


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We love our neighborhood pool for multiple reasons.  We get to use it but don’t have to worry about the upkeep and cleaning.  We don’t have to prepare it each spring for summer and don’t have to worry about closing it up for winter.  But the best part is it is AWESOME for kiddos!  One entire end of the pool is  a gradual ramp like the ocean and it only goes to 3 feet deep, making it perfect for our tall boys.

We want the boys to be comfortable with the water so we have been trying to take them as often as possible.  They get so excited and say, “I go swim in the water” over and over.  The only bad thing is it is closed Tuesday for maintenance.  We learned that one the hard way!  We got the boys all excited and dressed for their wagon ride to the pool and then as soon as we got out of our garage we realized it was closed.  That was not fun!  Major parent fail.

Our boys are complete opposites!  Sutton is carefree and adventurous while Fynn is much more reserved and timid.

It is going to be a great summer!

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June 17, 2012


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Our typical mornings when we do not have school or play dates or any place to be usually look like this.

We might do puzzles.

We might have jam sessions on the keyboard and drums.

We might play with our cars and choo choos.

We might watch a little cartoons…lately it’s Toy Story and ONLY Toy Story.
We might get some snuggles in with mommy!

But we ALWAYS have some TICKLE TIME!

Some days it’s the simple pleasures in motherhood that bring me the most joy.

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The Mamarazzi

April 17, 2012

Outdoor Fun

Our best friends have a fun swing set in their backyard and the boys LOVE it!
I think we need one soon.


Aubrey is their (ALMOST) 5-year-old!
Hard to believe she is almost 5.
I remember when she was a tiny little baby girl with crazy long hair!

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and  then, she {snapped}


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April 3, 2012