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Our boys have shared everything since birth.  The longest they have been apart was when Sutton had hernia surgery at 2 1/2 or the occasional special dates they get to go on with mom and dad.  They have always loved the same things…..same sports, had the same friends, same games….everything was shared.  They are best friends, which is what we want for them.

Part of the reason they have stayed in the same class at school is for selfish reasons.  They only have class parties and parental involvement in class for so long and I don’t want to be put in the position of having to choose or miss memories with them.  I’ve never seen a major reason to separate them until this year.  They are both incredibly smart and talented.  One may excel in an area while the other excels in another.

But for some reason this year just feels like the year of changes.  We let them pick which sport they wanted to play (if any) this spring and they chose different sports.  Fynn is playing baseball and Sutton is playing soccer.  It is an adjustment in little ways but the most challenging part is our schedules just got HECTIC!  Add in my photography work and we won’t see much “free time” until June.  But they are thrilled and loving it!  It was so strange to go watch only ONE kid play a game.

And tonight is the first night they are sleeping in separate rooms!  It is time to give them their own space and let them flourish as individuals.

I’m just so thankful I get to be their mama to see the men they grow into!

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March 7, 2017

Catching Up

It’s been a while….I’m so busy I’ve been slacking and I feel terrible I have neglected to document the boys’ lives for the past month.
Daddy and I went to New Orleans for a wedding and I also spent a weekend volunteering for the Tulsa Moms of Multiples consignment sale.
School has started The boys LOVE school!  Drop off is so easy and they are now at the age where they tell me all about their day.
We have been riding our bikes out front a lot lately.  They like to ride from our driveway to the neighbor’s on the sidewalk and can pretty much coast the entire length!  I think they will be ready for real bikes come next summer.

My photography business is really picking up!  October and November will be busy months.
Daddy’s practice is SO busy as well.
Life is going so great and you boys are just growing and changing each day.

Sutton is currently obsessed (slightly scary obsessed) with DVD cases.  He carries them at all times and even sleeps with at least one.  Fynn is equally obsessed with cars.

We recently went out to Will Roger’s Home for a fun afternoon.

After we explored the area we loaded up to go to Claremore for some cupcakes!
Tiny Cakes is just down the road from where Grandma and Grandpa lived.  We took the boys there once with Grandma and she just loved spending time with them!  We miss her so much!

The boys are such a fun age and behave pretty good so I have been venturing out with them to do more things and it has been so great being at home with them more.

Until next post…

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October 3, 2012

Dreading August

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Today we found out our sweet Sutton has a hernia.  This means surgery.  This means my baby will be “put under.”

I noticed something was off earlier this week but every time I tried to show Jason it would be gone.  Yesterday after his nap it was worse.  We ended up at Pediatric Urgent Care for a couple of hours to find out it was a hernia.  They then sent us to the ER for an ultrasound.  We were there for over 3 hours!  With a 2.5 year old….couldn’t eat dinner and was there way past his bedtime.  And at the end of our visit the doctor had no clear answer for us.  So, today we got to see an amazing pediatric urologist.  We were in and out literally in one hour!  Turns out it IS a hernia but he isn’t in any pain and won’t need surgery right away.

So, August I will have to watch my baby be put under and I’m not too excited about it.  I’m used to the bumps on the noggin, the bruises on the shins, the scrapes on the face, the bloody lip…I have twin boys and I am used to all that.  But, I didn’t think I would have to deal with this until they were older.

My poor boys are worn slick.
Sutton didn’t get to sleep until well after 11:00 p.m. last night and then they both woke up at 7:45 a.m., which is earlier than their normal time.  We then had to skip nap time for our appointment.
Tonight I left to grab some dinner.  I’m so exhausted I was not going to be cooking in the kitchen.
By the time I got home he was passed out on the couch.  Nothing was waking him up.

Here’s to some good rest!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

June 9, 2012

Dear Sutton

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Oh my sweet Sutty boy!

These past few weeks you have been going through something, I just don’t know what!
You have been SUPER attached to Mama.
You have become a picky eater once again.
You have decided you no longer like baths…..nor bubbles in the bath.
You have been waking up in the middle of the night crying out for MAMA!
You constantly have your hands in your mouth.  I felt a 2-year molar!
You will either take a 3 hour nap or barely shut your eyes for 5 minutes.  No happy medium here!
You love to pull the tail on your musical elephant over and over again when you should be sleeping.
You have been GLUED to Mouse.  He needs a bath.

But today, I got a glimpse of my once independent child.

You always love playing with your lips, nose, chin, ears…anything really.
Along with playing with your facial features you LOVE to rub your feet together.
I know this is just a phase.
But, you are also constantly saying, “tank ew mama” literally ALL DAY LONG.
You might be attached to me but every time I hear, “hand mama!” I love reaching out and holding your tiny little hand.
Every single day I think about that day that will arrive before I would like it to, where you don’t want to hold my hand.
And when you say, “hugs mama!”  I will GLADLY give you a BIG squeeze and a smooch because again, this won’t last forever.

And even though you can get, shall we say “emotional,” you have the sweetest, most loving side to you that makes me MELT every single day.  I pray with my whole heart you keep that loving side throughout your entire life and that you one day treat your wife as sweet as your mama.

I love you Sutton.

and  then, she {snapped}

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

P.S. Yes I know there is no mention of Bubba but even though you are a twin I will always treat you as two different children.  He will get his own letters from time to time.




May 1, 2012

Christmas…in October

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This past weekend the boys probably thought it was Christmas!  The Just Between Friends consignment sale was in town and BOY DID I SCORE!!  I consigned their winter clothes as well as volunteered so I got to shop early AND earned $5 toward any purchase I made.

Jason and I have been discussing what to get the boys for Christmas this year as well as their birthday in January.  One of the items on our list was a toy work bench with tools.  Well I found one at the consignment sale for $15!  But with my $5 volunteer gift it was $10.  WOO HOO!  I have never shopped consignment sales but the feeling of SUCCESS was awesome!  Then seeing how much fun the boys had with it made it even better.

Yes, that is a toy drill you see.

Seriously…cutest picture EVER!  Daddy teaching Sutton how to cut a fake piece of wood.

I’m POSITIVE with my husband for a dad, these boys will be building stuff out in the garage before I can blink.

Just hammerin’ away

He’s so focused.

Hmm, which tool will I need?

The OTHER big toys came from great grandma and grandpa.  They got the boys their first battery-powered TRUCKS!

Oh my goodness, it was SO cute watching them!

They seemed so much older to me behind the wheel of their first vehicles.

Fynn’s face in the background cracks me up!

He looks so grown up!

Check out these two studs!

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The Mamarazzi

October 12, 2011

People’s Choice {i heart faces}

This week’s theme is “Best Face Photo from Summer 2011.”

One specific photo came to mind because it captures the true essence of a childhood summer with water, swings, sun and fun!

I love when it is People’s Choice!  Head over to {i heart faces} and check out all the entries and VOTE for your favorite….

hopefully it’s mine. 🙂

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

September 26, 2011

Boys & Their Toys

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Today we went to a car show with Kiki, Auntie Jenny and cousins Eric and Elliot.

There were TONS of people and some very fun, cool cars.  This was my favorite.

Fynn & Eric got to ride in the wagon and Eric kept wanting to sit with Fynn so he could see what was ahead.  So cute!

There was live music and the boys were dancing in the wagon.  Kiki was trying to get Fynn to do his signature move!

Love the smile on his face!

They had different bounce houses and one was PERFECT for the boys size!

I didn’t know if they would go in or not but once they were in and Daddy showed them what to do they were LOVING it!

Two seconds after I took this picture the girl got off and it flew back toward Sutton and he went flying back.

He laughed!  As did I. 🙂

Eric just wanted to push the wagon around.  This kid has always LOVED pushing stuff around…cars, lawnmovers, wagons, everything.

He wasn’t licking the bounce house he just always has his tongue out!

If the boys’ birthday was during warmer months I would definitely rent one of these for their party.

They LOVED it!

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The Mamarazzi


September 26, 2011