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It’s Fall Y’all

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We recently went to the pumpkin patch with the boys and they had so much fun they are still talking about it today!

And we learned our boys are terrified of scarecrows.

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The Mamarazzi

October 17, 2012

Catching Up

It’s been a while….I’m so busy I’ve been slacking and I feel terrible I have neglected to document the boys’ lives for the past month.
Daddy and I went to New Orleans for a wedding and I also spent a weekend volunteering for the Tulsa Moms of Multiples consignment sale.
School has started The boys LOVE school!  Drop off is so easy and they are now at the age where they tell me all about their day.
We have been riding our bikes out front a lot lately.  They like to ride from our driveway to the neighbor’s on the sidewalk and can pretty much coast the entire length!  I think they will be ready for real bikes come next summer.

My photography business is really picking up!  October and November will be busy months.
Daddy’s practice is SO busy as well.
Life is going so great and you boys are just growing and changing each day.

Sutton is currently obsessed (slightly scary obsessed) with DVD cases.  He carries them at all times and even sleeps with at least one.  Fynn is equally obsessed with cars.

We recently went out to Will Roger’s Home for a fun afternoon.

After we explored the area we loaded up to go to Claremore for some cupcakes!
Tiny Cakes is just down the road from where Grandma and Grandpa lived.  We took the boys there once with Grandma and she just loved spending time with them!  We miss her so much!

The boys are such a fun age and behave pretty good so I have been venturing out with them to do more things and it has been so great being at home with them more.

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The Mamarazzi

October 3, 2012

Choo Choo Trains

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Each June the Tulsa Garden Railroad Club puts on a wonderful tour of train sets.  It is so hard to describe how amazing they are with words so here are a few pictures from our visit last Saturday.

The boys have been every year since they were born and I hope to keep the tradition alive for the years to come.
Here was our visit last year.

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The Mamarazzi

June 19, 2012


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We have now been home for two years (next month) and we kept saying we would take the boys to the aquarium…..well we finally did yesterday and as we had guessed….they LOVED it!

I didn’t like the lighting but oh well….it’s their enjoyment that counts.

I would have to say I think the boys loved the turtles and otters the best.

Sutton just loved saying the name of everything he saw…jewwyfeesh, eeehawse, feeesh, etc.

They found this little ramp they could walk up and touch the water….loved that!

Mommy and Daddy didn’t like being splashed though.

They have this entire section just for sharks and it’s pretty awesome!
You walk through a tunnel and the sharks are swimming all around and above you.
Fynn was TERRIFIED at first!

Sutton, my fearless child, love them!

They wanted to see EVERYTHING!
I wish I could have gotten better/more photos.
We saw two otters get into a fight.
We loved watching the beaver swim around.
We got to pet some sting-rays.
Daddy made some fish jump out of the water.

We will be going back again soon!

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The Mamarazzi



and  then, she {snapped}


April 7, 2012