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Our Neighborhood

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I’ve been slacking this week…yes I know.  We’ve been so busy and I’m getting involved with a new project so I’ve been consumed with that.  Anywhoo….

We discovered our neighborhood about 3 1/2 years ago.  We stumbled upon it during one of our visits home from Kansas City and we fell in love with it!  Once we moved home and got serious about where to live this was our first choice.

People are friendly and there are lots of families and kids playing outside, the kind of neighborhood I wanted for our kids.  Last weekend (yes I meant to post these then but forgot) our neighborhood had their Fall Festival and it was so much fun!  They brought in 3 different inflatables for the kids and it was great because there was one specifically for the boys’ age.  They were going NON STOP!

We all pitched in and brought food so everyone brought chairs and blankets to eat dinner.  They had a local fire truck for the kiddos to get in and explore and they had a ton of games and crafts for the older kids.  We got to finally meet some more of our neighbors and make new friends.

This kid looks pretty happy! 🙂

Are you watching mama?!

Sitting in the firetruck!

Look at those rosy cheeks!  These boys were SO tired from all the running around.

Our picnic

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The Mamarazzi

October 23, 2011


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Our closet has become the boys’ favorite place to play!  It is located right when you come in from the garage and through the laundry room so they love to run in there and play.  If we have any clothes on the floor, they have to pick them up and put them in the hamper.  Then come the SHOES!  Mr. Sutton is OBSESSED with shoes.  It’s hysterical.  And then of course, the HANGERS!  Oh what fun it is play with hangers.  They have a room FULL of toys, yet it’s these cheap, plastic items that they love.  Go figure.

Fynn stole a brown high heel!

And there is ALWAYS some brotherly love – wrestling!

Oh how I love my little buddies!

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The Mamarazzi

July 27, 2011


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We built our house and moved in March 17 of this year.  I had forgotten how much goes into moving into a new home… need blinds, curtains and decorative accents.  This will be a slow process since my double-wide stroller won’t allow me to shop in many stores.

However, I did find some awesome artwork pieces at a store in the mall and they were 50% off!

Jesse over at Good Girl Gone Glad came over to help me figure out where these should go….the winner was our bathroom.  That meet-up was a while back and last night we finally got around to hanging them.  I LOVE THEM!

Bathroom WallJason




July 6, 2011