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Embrace the Camera – No Fun Being Sick

Today I kept telling myself to grab a picture of me and the boys but I didn’t even get a picture of the kids.  We have been so busy!  But, there is this picture.  When both boys weren’t feeling great recently we had some bedtime snuggles and I don’t look great but isn’t that what “Embrace the Camera” is all about?  Oh and I CANNOT stand pictures with pacifiers but eh, what can you do, right?

And Sutton even had his mouse, which is his bedtime buddy!

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August 26, 2011


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Jason’s grandma wanted us to bring the boys out and take them to the lake to feed the ducks.  We drove over to Grandma and Grandpas for dinner and Jason’s Aunt Kim came along with us.  We were so excited because the boys have yet to see REAL ducks, they just see pictures and say “QUACK.”  Fynn jumped right in and LOVED them.  Sutton took a little bit longer but by the time we were leaving he wasn’t ready to go.  They both would throw the bread and then CLAP with such pride.  These ducks were fearless and all they cared about was the bread.

Thanks Grandma!

We had to clap for our good throwing skills!

Me and My Sutton

After we fed the ducks we went over to the playground to PLAY!!!

This was GENIUS!  I wish ALL parks had a double slide.

The boys had SOOOO much fun they were WORN OUT!!!  I cannot wait to take them back, especially once it cools off a bit.  The boys were SO hot but didn’t want to stop playing.  We tried to get a picture of the boys with their great grandparents but they were not cooperating.  Next time we will get the photo BEFORE we show them the playground.

Thanks Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Kim!!!  We love you!

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August 22, 2011

Finally…Outside Again!

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Since Friday morning the boys have been kept inside due to all the sickness going on in our house!  With Fynn starting in on Friday morning and then Sutton joining in LATE Sunday night we had a VERY lazy, relaxing weekend at home.  Not very picture-worthy.  Yesterday afternoon both boys seemed to be feeling a LITTLE better and they were getting stir-crazy so we got to play outside and boy were they HAPPY!

They LOVE to climb into these chairs and CHILL.  Fynn is seriously trying to figure out the bubbles.

Fynn discovered the sidewalk chalk and started making mama a pretty picture. 🙂

It gets everywhere!

Sutton seems to be a serious artist.

If only he could REALLY mow.  Our poor new sod had been taken over by horrible weeds!  You can mow and within a day they are back!  Ready for winter. 🙂

Sutton is hauling all the trimmings! 🙂

This was TOO funny!  Fynn stood talking to his reflection for at least a minute.
Probably telling himself how cute he is!

Love these little chairs!

Although we are SLOWLY getting back to normal they didn’t last TOO long outside.

I hope next weekend we can do something fun like swim or go to the splash park!

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August 16, 2011

I Heart Faces – EYES

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The minute I saw this week’s theme I knew JUST the photo I wanted to use!  My boys were born with BEAUTIFUL eyes!  Fynn’s have always been so light and BLUE!  Sutton’s were always a darker shade of blue and even at times appearing purple.  But, I remember when I uploaded this photo to my computer and I saw how beautiful Fynn’s eyes came out, it became one of my favorites.  My sweet blue eyed boys!

Please go check out all the other entries over at {I Heart Faces}!

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The Mamarazzi

August 16, 2011

New Favorite Spot

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We put the boys in bed with us once to snuggle and now it is their favorite spot in the house.  They literally run to our room ALL day wanting up on our bed.  So, we now have snuggle time, which sometimes means they are bouncing around while we make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves.

Well, today it was pretty much an all-day snuggle!  Fynn woke up yesterday morning, ate breakfast and then when we were playing got sick.  He was sitting in my lap while we were reading a book and he just threw up EVERYWHERE!  It wouldn’t stop either.  Poor baby was so scared he stood up, making an even bigger mess, and was just sweating and crying.  I was stuck trying to figure out what to do first.  Fynn wanted me to hold him, Sutton was about to mess with the nastiness on the carpet and YES there was PUKE everywhere!  I eventually got Fynn stripped down and grabbed a towel to wipe him off and cover the mess.  He just cuddled in the chair with me the rest of the morning.  Luckily, Fridays Daddy gets home about 12:30 so he was able to help get everything calmed down.

He went all day without getting sick again and we were sticking with the B.R.A.T. diet.  Daddy made them dinner and he gave them a PB&J sandwich and Fynn was shoveling it in his mouth he was SO hungry.  Fast forward to this morning.  I go up to get them out of their cribs and I find RED throw up ALL OVER Fynn’s crib.  AWESOME.  We had to strip the bed, sanitize in the washer and get everything cleaned up.  Each boy sleeps with a blanket, a small soft/silky blanket, a stuffed animal AND a musical elephant.  So, I got to clean A LOT of stuff!  After he had some toast and banana we snuggled in bed all morning.  They took a great nap and then we snuggled some more.  He hasn’t gotten sick again so we didn’t give Fynn anything except the B.R.A.T. diet for dinner.

Praying Sutton doesn’t start puking soon and praying we wake tomorrow with TWO happy, healthy boys.

We made it almost 19 months without any illness like this so I have to say I’m lucky but MAN OH MAN does it rip your heart out to see your BABY like that!  I reached a WHOLE new level of motherhood yesterday.

But, sick or no sick, we love our BEDTIME SNUGGLES!!!

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The Mamarazzi

August 14, 2011

Embrace the Camera

I’m trying to stay up with the “embracing” the camera but with TWO 18-month-old boys it is so difficult to get them to sit still long enough to get BOTH looking at the camera and not squirming.  I think most twin mommies will agree (or at least I hope they do and I’m not all alone in this) but I feel like I have to take EQUAL amount of pictures of each boy and I have to have BOTH in my pictures with me.  I’m working on getting over this because they are still individuals.  This is the best I could do.

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The Mamarazzi

August 11, 2011


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The other night we were lucky enough to go experience an awesome train village.  There is a couple who have been patients at the chiropractic clinic for years and they set up this amazing train village once a year for people to come see but we couldn’t make it this year.  They had family coming into town so they set it all up and invited us to come see the other night.  THE BOYS WERE IN HEAVEN!  Sutton was running around saying, “CHOO CHOO” and doing the arm movement with it.  They were so excited I knew they would sleep well that night and they did.  Thanks to the B family for allowing us to experience this AMAZING set up!

Such a fun time!

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The Mamarazzi

August 10, 2011

Our Friend Avery

This past weekend we had a fun play date with our friend Avery.  Her parents, Angie and Clint, are our good friends from college and they live about 2 hours away so our kiddos don’t get to play together much.  Well we HAD to go see them because we missed them SO much!  We ALL had such a fun time!

When we arrived Friday the boys and Ave just hit it off playing.  Miss Ave has LOTS of AWESOME toys that kept the boys busy.  She taught them how to put coins in her piggy bank, introduced the boys to playing “kitchen” and even dolls!  They had such a good time.

After the kiddos went to bed we got to play games and have some “adult time.”  MUCH NEEDED!  Angie and Clint are such fun, down-to-earth people and we are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Saturday morning we took the kids to the splash pad and they WORE themselves out!  Avery is still a little new to the splash pad so it took her a few minutes to warm up but not our boys.  Sutton took off!

Miss Ave was SO adorable in her shades and hat!  It’s so fun to spend some time with a little girl, especially having twin boys.  She is such a fun girl too.  She likes her girly stuff but she loved the boys’ basketball!  My kind of girl!  She played so well with the boys too.  I mean, two VERY active boys came into her house and TOOK OVER her toy room.  She was great with taking turns and showing the boys how to do stuff.

I just wish they lived closer so we could play EVERY weekend.

We love you guys!

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The Mamarazzi

August 8, 2011