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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday – Changes

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I haven’t done a flashback friday post in forever and this week made me think of it because we have so  many changes with the boys!  We have been talking about doing three things…1) take away the binks/pacifiers 2) transition to toddler beds and 3) potty train.  Well with Sutton having surgery at the beginning of August we wanted to wait on all three.  So we decided we would wait to get rid of binks until Daddy got home from his weekend in Dallas.  So, one night he was working in the garage and I just decided to take them away…it was spur of the moment but I was just over them!  I talked for a few weeks prior about taking their binks and giving them to a baby because babies use binks, not big boys.  So that night I simply asked if they wanted to give their binks to the babies next door and they handed them to me.  Before they could second guess their decision and hid them in my pocket and diverted their attention to saying prayers and reading books.  Fynn maybe whined for a few minutes but they went to sleep fine.  The only bad thing is since taking them away Sutton has yet to take a nap during the day!  UGH!  But since then they have only mentioned them maybe one time.  Mission accomplished.

August 2010
Look at those CHUBBY CHEEKS!

Goal #2 – Toddler Beds
Well, yesterday we just decided to go ahead and do it.  Sutton isn’t  napping so we might as well.  We heard horror stories of the transition for other parents so I was prepared for a long night of putting them back in bed.  Nope.  They went straight to sleep.  Easy peasy.  Now we will see how they do at nap time today but it can’t get much worse than how Sutton has been all week.  The best part of toddler beds, they woke up, came downstairs and crawled in our bed and watched cartoons for a little bit….giving mommy and daddy a little more rest time.  Mission accomplished.

August 2011

So, next up….potty training.  I think they are ready but we want to have an entire free weekend to do it and that will be happen until the end of October so for now, we will finish our love/hate relationship with diapers.  I love the independence of now worrying about making potty breaks on road trips, at the grocery store, etc.  But man our bank account will LOVE the day we no longer pay for diapers.
I have learned so much from being a parents and so many times I don’t do something (take away binks, etc.) because I’m afraid of change and how they will respond but I keep learning over and over that these babies of ours are not babies anymore and they are ready and capable of much more than I give them credit.

I hope goal #3 happens as smooth and easy as #1 and #2.

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The Mamarazzi

August 31, 2012

Last Year

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I started thinking about my Flashback Friday post this week because A LOT happened last year at this time.

We moved into our house and the boys started WALKING!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from last year.

This was when we still lived with my stepdad and the ball pit was a NEW toy!
Fynn looks SO YOUNG!

They would not eat meat…nor chicken so I would coat tofu with wheat germ for them to eat and it was MESSY!

Another before we moved…teaching them to clean YOUNG!

This might be one of my ALL-TIME favorites!
Sutton LOVES Mouse!  His teachers at school even talk about the mouse tail during nap time and how he takes forever to fall asleep because he plays with it constantly!

This was RIGHT after we moved in and the boys started walking!!

These windows have been the perfect height for the boys but the finger prints drive me nuts!

They started playing together MUCH more at this time.
Another favorite.

It’s so crazy how much they have grown!!

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The Mamarazzi

March 16, 2012

Flashback Friday – 3 weeks old

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Two years ago we had TWO three week old twins and we were BARELY sleeping.  We were lucky enough to have help the first month home from the hospital but it was A LOT of work.
They were on an awesome 3-hour schedule but for me it meant….
Nurse Fynn while someone bottle-fed Sutton – this would take 30-45 minutes
Wait 45 minutes so I could PUMP for Sutton’s next feeding
Shower, eat, sleep
Start over again

Fynn with milk dribbling…SO SMALL

Sutton literally slept ALL THE TIME.

The pediatrician told us when we left the hospital that we needed to wake them every 3 hours in the night to feed them.
It never dawned on me to ask at their follow-up appointments to make sure we STILL needed to do this.
For the first 3 months we would SET OUR ALARMS (yes I now CRINGE when I think of it) to feed them.
One of us would go make bottles while the other WOKE THEM and changed diapers.
Once they were fed they would go back to sleep and I would PUMP SOME MORE.

I only nursed Fynn because Sutton’s recessed chin made latching almost impossible.
He latched ONE TIME.
I only nursed Fynn for about 5-6 weeks then just went to straight pumping.
And that only lasted until they were about 12-13 weeks.

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The Mamarazzi


February 11, 2012

Flashback Friday – ALMOST TWO?!!

Having children 3 weeks after Christmas makes life a little difficult.  I’m so focused on Thanksgiving then Christmas that their birthday just sneaks up on me so fast!

They will be two January 19….SERIOUSLY?  HOW?  Yes the first year FLEW by but MAN OH MAN this last year seems like I literally blinked and BAM two is here!

I look back at their first birthday and it is so shocking how much they have changed.  They say soooo many more words and even phrases.  They eat better!  They are so smart!

Last Christmas…

We took them to the mall and the woman working said we should not let them see Santa and just slowly back them into his lap and they will snap a photo.
It worked because two seconds after this was taken the boys realized something was up and freaked out.

This year we attempted once at Bass Pro in November…NOPE.  Fynn ran from Santa and Sutton screamed.  We attempted again last night with a friend’s dad dressed as Santa….NOPE.
Both boys ran.  Maybe next year.

So here we are….23 months.  I think this is where we start saying they are “2” or “2 1/2” no longer will we refer to their age in months.
That means they are really growing up.

Sutton is my sensitive child.  He is the boy who will pass toys out to everyone and loves to give kisses and hugs and snuggles.  He can also be highly emotional when tired but also SO happy.  He will still giggle from the gut and he has so many expressions I could sit and watch him all day and wonder what is going through his head.

He LOVES Mickey Mouse and Veggie Tales.  He loves books.  He will say so many things and repeat what you say…better be careful.
He loves to point to a body part and say what it is…nose, eye, ear, cheeks, knee, hair, etc.

He loves to eat with his fingers…even oatmeal, which makes for a messy breakfast.
He LOVES his Daddy and says, “Kiki” at least once a day.

He has started hating naps, which makes me nervous.  Some days he will go right to sleep and others he stands or sits in his crib and just talks to himself.
But when he does go to sleep he SLEEPS for at least 2 hours.

Fynn is ornery.  Yes he is without a doubt ornery.  But he is SOOO sweet and lovable as well.
His favorite saying is “where’d it go?!” while throwing his hands up in the air.
Fynn is a good eater and will use his spoon or fork, which mama likes.

Fynn always wins the “Good Sleeper Award.”  He can go to sleep and stay asleep for 2-3 hours easily at nap time.

He LOVES to jump on the trampoline, which carries over to his bed.  He will stand in his crib in the morning and jump up and down and say “jump jump jump” over and over waiting for mama to come get him.
He too LOVES his Daddy!!

He really loves Veggie Tales and the Wiggles.  Books are his favorite and he could sit and study them for hours.
Daddy taught him to throw the ball overhand so he loves to do that with any ball he can find.

He still has crazy hair but it makes him who he is and at least it is cute at this age.

They wake up about 8:00/8:30 and eat breakfast.  Some random days they will sleep until 8:45/9:00, which I like but it does mess up their nap, making it harder to get them to take a good one.
We usually play or go run errands after breakfast but on Tuesday and Thursday they go to preschool at the church at 9:30 until 2:30.
Lunch is around noon then a nap about 1:00.
Snack when they wake up and dinner at 7:00.
To bed at 8:30 or 8:00 if they didn’t nap well.


These two are the light of my life and I cannot BELIEVE they will be TWO!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

December 23, 2011

Flashback Friday – Shower

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Two years ago my 3 best girlfriends threw me an AWESOME baby shower!  We had to do it early (20 weeks) because it was in Oklahoma and I was living in Kansas City still and the car rides were becoming VERY difficult for me.  And hearing all the horror stories of bedrest, preterm labor, etc. I was bound and determined to NOT miss my own baby shower.

My 3 Best Girls – Rue, Charlie, Me HUGE and prego already & Angie
These three girls are so insanely awesome, words don’t do them justice.
We have a tradition of “wine nights” which last until WEE hours of the morning because the four of us can sit and talk about any and everything.

The YUMMY food and my adorable diaper cake.

Me with my amazing friend Katie & her seriously ADORABLE mom, Paula.
Two of my all-time favorite people.
When my mom was in the hospital right before she passed, Katie would come hang out with me every single night and take me for late-night coffee talks….PERFECTION when it comes to a friend.
She was pregnant with Owen who came the following April.  We always wanted to be pregnant together!!

Me with my best friend since 7th grade, Kelsey.
She was pregnant with Skylin, who was born that November.
This girl knows me INSIDE and OUT and loves me no matter what.
We have seen each other through more than most friends go through in a lifetime.

And finally…

Here was my baby belly at 22 weeks!  SCARY!

From about 27 weeks on I only gained 1-2 pounds.  Getting gestational diabetes helped keep the weight gain a minimum at the end.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

October 14, 2011

Flashback Friday – Family Pictures

Our family pictures from last year by A Cherry on Top Photography.  She also did the boys’ first birthday pictures.  Lacey is awesome!  If you are in the OKC/Edmond area look her up!

Check out those cheesing grins on my babies!

One of my FAVORITE pictures EVER!

This has become my new tradition…

every year take pictures of them in neck ties!

Go check out Lacey’s website.

I’m waiting on the boys’ newest neck ties to arrive from

Simply Sweet Baby Boutique before we do our newest family photos.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

October 8, 2011

Flashback Friday – Jumping Babies

One year ago this is what my babies LOVED to do!

They would get in these things and JUMP and JUMP and giggle!

I loved it.  It made them happy.  It made me happy because I could actually get something done.

Oh the days of contraptions to keep them occupied.  Now they just want to wrestle and play with mama.

But, I LOVE IT!!!

Happy Weekend!!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

August 26, 2011

Flashback Friday

Two years ago this is what we were doing:

We were about 12 weeks along and BOY was I SHOWING!  I was a bit terrified of what was to come but it didn’t get too bad.

Those were the days of PURE EXHAUSTION and non-stop nausea.

It’s weird to say but I miss being pregnant.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

August 20, 2011