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Turning 37

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Next week I will turn 37.  THIRTY SEVEN!!  I remember when I was in my late teens/early twenties I would look at women in their late thirties and they all seemed so “put together” and mature.  I’m less than a week away from this age and I still don’t feel like I meet that standard.  I’m lucky if I do my makeup once a week, my hair is normally in a ponytail and if you see me out and about you would wonder if I own anything other than athletic wear or jeans.  I’m definitely not the image of what I had expected myself to be at this age but there are few things I’ve learned in the last few years.

Give yourself GRACE and give that GRACE equally to others.  I need people in my life that will understand my intentions are from a place of love and a sincere desire to help but let’s be real…..

I’m the one who goes to the grocery store with a  list and I still forget the items I need
I’m the one who signs up for Teacher Appreciation at MDO and brings something the VERY LAST DAY OF THE MONTH
I’m the one that buys the online tickets for the movie but gets the VERY FRONT ROW by mistake
I will forget a name five minutes after I’m introduced
I will offer to bring something to a dinner and still forget it until the very last minute
I forget the school project until the night before

I recently had a conversation with a friend about the mom comparison.  It’s real ya’ll.  BUT, only if you let it be real.  Heck, I was doing it as a teenager comparing my future self to a mom I didn’t even know.  I’m almost thirty seven and the older I get the more I own who I am and stop trying to pretend to be someone I’m not.

Do I wish I could be super PTA mom and in the best shape of my life all while preparing home cooked meals every night and remembering everything on my Target list?  Not really.  Because I’m a hot mess half the time and I like who I am.  I’m a fierce friend who may forget a lot but when you need me, there is not a single hesitation to be there.

I’m an open book.  If you sat and talked to me one on one for longer than 5 minutes you may get a lot more information than you wanted.  I blurt things out, say too much and even though it use to embarrass me now I kind of like it.  I’m not politically correct nor do I sugar coat much.

I know I put too much on my plate, it’s a problem.  If anyone knows it, it is me.  And even with all this talk of “saying no” I am STILL overbooking myself and over promising because I LOVE PEOPLE.  I love meeting new people.  I love friendships whether it is with people I’ve known my entire life or someone I just met a couple of days ago.

Yes, life is chaotic.  I have a crazy awesome husband, three kids in all kinds of activities, a church I love to be part of, a thriving photography business, a love for sharing about essential oils and friends I truly enjoy spending time with as often as possible.  So, I’ll take the little sleep and the bags under my eyes because we are given ONE LIFE and who knows just how long it will be here on Earth…..I want to make the most of it.  It is too short to live as anyone other than myself.  It is too short to not give up a little sleep for time with those we love.  It is too short to live without meaningful, loving, authentic relationships.  And the truest and most meaningful relationships are the ones where people can be absolutely, without a doubt vulnerable and completely themselves.

I blinked and I’m thirty seven.  Even though I have high hopes to keep improving and eventually get my six pack back, for now I’m happy with my hot mess self.

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December 4, 2017

Time is Flyin’ By

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Cannot believe it’s been almost TWO months since I last posted….shameful!
These goofballs have kepts us quite busy!We get a lot of smiles every day.These guys LOVE flashlights!  One of their favorite games is taking their flashlights into mommy & daddy’s room, turning off the lights and shining them on the walls.  We can hear lots of giggles when they do it!
We also made a quick trip down to OKC to see my dad and stepmom.  While we were there we ran to Kite Park.
We had some fun play dates!
We even got some snow.  It was like this for about 10 hours then it had pretty much melted by bedtime.
So glad we got to enjoy it while it lasted.

And finallly, we recently celebrated Grandpa’s 75th Birthday!
Until next post…
Which could be months obviously!

The Mamarazzi

March 20, 2013

And now we’re 3

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HUH?  WHAT?!  I blinked and here are my little men.

Sutton is still my “passionate” child.  He has such a carefree spirit, even teachers at school talk about how he walks down the halls in such a carefree way, yet he is OCD about certain things….like DVDs and DVD cases.  This all began last year when he became OBSESSED with DVD cases.  He had to take them everywhere, all the time.  One day I had it with the fits over what case he would take and where it was, etc. so I just took them ALL and hid them.  Well….then we went to Kiki’s house and there are cases there and then for Christmas of course he got a new veggie tales so back to square one.  But, he will obey mommy and daddy when it’s time to put them up for nap or bed and we don’t take them into restaurants or school anymore.  His latest obsession though is moving the actual DVDs from case to case and MAN HE AMAZES ME with his memory.  He can recall every single DVD and it’s placement in his big case!  He doesn’t like coloring or puzzles but he loves to dance and sing and do the “credit cards,” which are actually flash cards.  He is so spirited and has such BIG hugs and kisses to give.  He is extremely social when out in public and will say hello and goodbye and give high-fives to anyone he meets.  He likes to just randomly say, “hi mama” when we are in the car or hanging out at home.  And as soon as he gets in trouble he wants me to hold him, which I don’t until his time is up of course.
He isn’t a fan of the bath and does pretty well with using the potty.  He will still have an accident every now and then but it’s usually when he’s wound up playing and not paying attention.
He is so sweet with sharing and almost gets frustrated when Fynn won’t take a toy from him.
Sutton likes to describe and narrate everything he is doing.  During breakfast he will say, “I’m going to drink my milk.”  Or he will tell me exactly where his poop his, “I have poop in my bottom!”  Gotta love toddlers.
At night when he is really tired he will jump into bed and ask me to turn off the light.  And as we walk out of their room he will always say, “sweet dreams, love you, good night!”
And when he wakes up he comes downstairs and says, “I had sweet dreams!”
Oh, and he loves to call his brother Fynnie.
Oh Fynnie.  My tender, sweet boy.  You are a PUZZLE WHIZ!  You literally will sit for 45 minutes doing one puzzle and I have to keep getting more so you will be challenged.  You like to color and you love play doh as well as race cars.  I would say you are pretty “go with the flow” on most things and will eat us out of house and home before we know it.  You usually go with what your brother wants but when you speak up with a different choice or opinion I always make sure and listen.  You truly love to have undivided attention so I make sure and spend quality time with you each and every day, whether it’s snuggling or doing a puzzle or maybe even reading a book.
You have crazy hair but it’s so cute when it’s long and actually fixed.  You will laugh and say, “my hair crazy mama!”  You love to explain things and will always tell me about your day at school.
When you dance it is probably the funniest thing in the world because you are so serious, which is complete opposite of your brother.
You are very sensitive and if you don’t get a hug and kiss from daddy before he leaves for work you get really sad.  And at night you always want a hug and kiss before you lay down.
You don’t like to be asked if you need to go potty but are really good about not having accidents lately.
You don’t mind washing your hands or brushing your teeth but like your brother you aren’t a huge fan of the bath anymore.
You truly eat ALL DAY LONG.  I constantly hear you say, “I need something else.”
You like to play with my hair and to be honest, that I don’t mind.
And when you wake from sleeping you always say to me, “I took a good nap!” because whether it’s afternoon or nighttime it was always a nap.

I’m so proud of how sweet and kind you two are…with each other and with your friends and family.  Yes you behave like toddlers at time but your tender souls always shine through.  You both say “thank you” when I hand you something or bring you your food/drink.  You know the word “please.”  You like to hold hands and play with each other.  You take turns.  You share with each other. You laugh together.  You make up games together.  You help each other.  You love each other.
I’m so thankful to have you two.

Mommy & Daddy love you so so so so so so very much!

Until next post…

Your Mamarazzi

January 26, 2013

Safari Joe’s

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Our best friends’ daughter turned five last weekend and we got to go to Safari Joe’s for the party!

Again, my boys love turtles!
Fynn wasn’t too fond of any of the other snakes but LOVED this guy!
Sutton eye-balled that cake for a good 10 minutes.
It was GOOD!

They got to hold a TEENY TINY turtle and Fynn kept talking to it, which convinced me that we need to get them a pet turtle.
He has a funny looking belly huh?
We saw  BIG turkey!  I am now wondering if it was confusing for them to see a turkey when they consider “turkey” lunch on their plates.
There was a this white bird that they talked to forever.  They would wave and say “hi bird” really loud then the bird would reply “hi” over and over.  It was hysterical!
Horse Rides!  Each boy only lasted half a lap.

There was a “choo choo,” which both boys wanted to ride.  Fynn got in and wouldn’t get OUT!  Sutton would get in then freak out and want nothing to do with it but then once it took off he would cry and chase after it….so baffling!
It did make everyone laugh though.

My Boys…I love these three guys more than anything in this world!

Daddy got a picture of me! 🙂

Fynn ate an entire piece of cake.  I took one bite of his slice and he did not appreciate it!

What a fun day!  The boys got to see so many cool reptiles, pet some baby chicks, jump and slide and play with some friends.  Nothing like a birthday party to wear out your children.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

April 23, 2012

Flashback Friday – BirthDAY

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I always think birthdays are a BIG deal.  Blame my mom.
When I was younger I would wake up on my birthday to a completely decorated bedroom AND bathroom.
I’d have a birthday toothbrush, banner, balloons, custom favorite breakfast….you name it.  I was SPOILED on my birthday.

Sooo, now having kids of my own I make a BIG deal about it myself.
For their first birthday I took pictures ALL day starting with waking up, then breakfast, then play time, dinner and finally cupcakes.

I included last year’s photos….this was before I learned manual mode and I cringe at my pictures from last year.

Yesterday I managed to capture most of their day.

Of course the morning started with me clicking away.

Fynn 2011

Fynn 2012
Good morning Fynn and your AWESOME hair!

Sutton 2011
Sutton 2012

Good morning Sutton…not sure you are awake yet.

We ate breakfast then headed to school with some donut holes for their party there.

They were at school until 2:30 and then came home with me for a snack and some PLAY TIME!

Snack time!!!

Sutton 2011
Sutton 2012

It was actually pretty nice outside so we went out to play!
They got to use their new sidewalk chalk from their birthday party.
Fynn 2011
Fynn 2012

We also played t-ball and they enjoyed running around chasing each other.

We didn’t stay outside too long…it started getting a little chilly
and Sutton was exhausted from NOT NAPPING at school.

We read some books, wrestled, played diner and did some puzzles.

Our family January 19, 2011

After our afternoon was complete we went to meed Daddy, Papa O and Brenda at
our favorite Mexican restaurant, Ted’s.
The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE their cheese dip, which they bring right when you sit down along with homemade flour tortillas and yummy salsa.

After dinner we played a bit more but went to bed early.
BIG DAY!  Exhausted boys.

And now I have two-year-olds.
Before I can blink they will be 3.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

January 20, 2012

It’s here….They Are TWO!

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It’s here!  My babies are TWO!


I still feel like that woman who is praying and praying to just get pregnant and now I’m the mother of TWO TWO YEAR OLDS!

These two amazing, beautiful baby boys came into our lives at 6:14 p.m. and 6:16 p.m.
I had 35 weeks 6 days to prepare for twins and when they came it was clear I was not prepared.
The first 3-4 months of having multiples is by far the hardest part….in my opinion.
The bottles, the nursing, the pumping, the feeding, the diapers, the lack of sleep….it takes a toll.

We were so lucky to have help.  Kiki stayed our first two weeks at home then Grandma came for another two weeks.
There isn’t enough money in the world to repay them for how valuable they were to us.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, never did I EVER think I’d have twins.


Sure there are pros and cons but I would not trade my LIFE with anyone else.
It’s a constant battle to make sure my time is divided evenly, food evenly, milk evenly, hugs evenly, kisses evenly….EVEN EVEN EVEN!

But at the end of the day I can lay my head down and KNOW my boys KNOW I LOVE THEM beyond words.

I know I am biased but I have to say we are SO LUCKY with our babies.

Sure they cry and may throw a fit here and there but for the most part they are such easy-going kiddos.
90% of the time they play so well together.
They are very polite.  When I give them something, anything they say “Tank ew” over and over until I reply, “you’re welcome.”

They are little lovies….Sutton especially….such a kisser.
At night before we put them in their beds I can say, “come give mama a hug” and they will run to me with open arms.

The first year was challenging yes but watching them change so much every day was such a wonderful experience.
Being able to be at home every day with them is such a blessing!
The first year FLEW by but this second year has gone by even faster.

Sutton has always been the talker of the two….since birth.  He used to sit in his nap nanny and mumble on and on and on.  I always wished I knew what he was saying.
Fynn has always had a mischievous side to him but such an adorable grin it’s so hard to stay mad.

They both go through picky eating phases but Fynn will not eat sweets about 99% of the time.
He does not speak as much as his brother and his words aren’t as clear as Sutton’s but I understand what he is saying.
Fynn gets a little delirious and silly when he is SUPER tired and that is usually when he gets in trouble but for the most part he is such a sweet boy!

Fynn loves books and puzzles and trying to figure out how things work.
He loves to dance to the Wiggles and in the car he likes to bob his head to the beat.
He will usually eat more veggies than his brother and he LOVES his milk.

Fynn LOVES sports.  SERIOUSLY.  He loves his basketball goal, his footballs, his golf clubs…anything sports.
Makes me wonder what he will want to play when he gets older.

Sutton is just plain FUNNY!  He dances on demand for me…pure entertainment right there!
He giggles from the belly and repeats everything I say.  He has to describe everything around him, “mama’s purse” “mama’s coat” “fynn bubba” and on and on.
He loves to go in our closet and pick up something and say “dadda’s” or “mama’s” and LOVES to point out parts of the body….”nose” “teeth” “cheeks” and so on.

He is my little emotional, sensitive guy.  He’s a snuggler and KISSER!
At his birthday party he went around kissing everyone.

Yes I’m a typical PROUD mommy but it’s hard not to be proud of these two.
I found out recently they have yet to be in “time out” at school.  They have manners.  They SLEEP GREAT!  Some mornings it’s a struggle to get to school by 9:30 because they sleep so late.
They giggle and smile and play together.
What more could a Mommy want?

My babies are two and I just can’t believe it.
Our second year of parenthood has enriched my life beyond belief and I am so anxious to see what will be for 2012.

I don’t like saying, “please make it slow down!” because the truth is I LOVE each new day.  Yes I miss those tiny babies laying on my chest snuggled up for hours but I always enjoy the conversations we have now and the interaction I get from them.  It seems like once a day or once every couple of days Jason and I look at each other with amazement when the boys do something or say something for the first time.

It’s moments like those that make me so excited to see what tomorrow brings.
What will they become? What will they do with their lives?

It’s amazing how TWINS can be so different yet share such an extraordinary connection.

My prayer is for them to grow, be healthy, be happy and continue to be the awesome little boys I thank God for every day.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my babies….you will always be my babies.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

January 19, 2012

Party Time – 2nd Birthday

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Well it has come and gone…it happens too fast.
It’s like your wedding day….you plan and plan and plan and then it seems like you blink and the day is over.

Saturday was the boys’ 2nd birthday party and it was a success!
For their first party I went OVERBOARD!  TRULY OVERBOARD!
The party last year was a pirate theme and we had everything from special hats for the boys to custom banners to treasure chest goodie bags….overboard.

This year I wanted to do something fun and out of the house so we narrowed it down to 3 places.  Two of those places were going to charge me EXTRA for twins.  That ruled those places out pretty fast.
We chose Tulsa World of Gymnastics.
It was perfect!  There was stuff for every age and the best part is they are not outrageously expensive.
The staff was helpful and the kids had a BLAST!

They have the trampoline walk-way, which the boys LOVE!
Here’s Sutton with Aunt Kim…she’s so great and so involved with the boys!

It took Fynn a few minutes to warm up enough to play.
Daddy had to show him how to roll down the mats….he looks like he is having fun!

My little monkey with his Kiki!  The theme was monkeys, Jason even designed the invitations….something that has become a tradition I believe.

Kisses for Papa O!
At one point Sutton went around to each person standing, watching them play and gave kisses… was so SWEET!

We took a break during the playtime to eat some lunch and have cupcakes.
Kiki, Jason’s mom, helped me bake, ice and decorate 48 cupcakes Friday night and they turned out SOOO GOOD!
I’ve had my fair share of the leftovers.

If you will recall from my Cupcakes post Fynn is my non-sweets child.  We have offered him cookies, cupcakes, pie, etc.  He always turns his nose up at it!
So, I gave him a vanilla cupcake thinking he MIGHT eat it.  YEP!
Maybe 2 will be the year he decides to like sweets.  Granted, they don’t get sweets very often but at least he enjoyed it on his birthday.
Sutton on the other hand is my SWEETS child!
He devoured his chocolate cupcake!

Once the party came to an end and goodie bags were handed out, we went to brunch at First Watch (MY FAVORITE!) with Jason’s family.
The boys were past exhausted but they did great.
On the way home they were dazed looking out the window.

After their short nap – we woke them so they could play with their gift from us before it got dark – we ventured outside to their new
It has two basketball goals and a slide…BOYS LOVED IT!

This will be so awesome once warmer weather arrives.
Sutton is such a Kiki’s boy!
He is my KISSING boy!

Here I am…I DO exist!

We even got to play some t-ball with Pappy!
Instead of gifts we asked the guests to donate to Emergency Infant Services.
Our kids are abundantly blessed and are in no need of anything so we collected items to deliver as well as cash donations.
Please visit their website for more information and to donate!
They did get a few gifts from family so we opened those at home.
They got some Oklahoma State University Bullet pillow pets!
They got an awesome car track, lots of art supplies and an easel.

My babies are not two just yet….Thursday is the actual day.

I’ll get more sentimental with that post!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

January 16, 2012


9/11 is Jason’s cousin’s birthday as well as Grandparent’s Day this year.  We had a big family gathering at Grandma & Grandpa’s house for a cookout and then went to the park.

The house was covered with balloons, which the boys LOVED!.

Sutton & Pappy

Fynn & Bear hanging on the stairs.  His first “boo boo” skinned knee.


Cousin Miranda – Birthday Girl!!

Sutton & Grandma – Sutton seems excited about all the cake & ice cream!

We went to feed the ducks but I think they were full.  They wouldn’t come eat our bread.

Fynn enjoyed playing with the package more than anything.

Sutton yelling for the ducks.  He loves to say, “quack!”

No ducks.  🙁

We went to the playground instead and rode the slides.

Kiki would help get the boys up the stairs…

Daddy would help the boys get down the slide..

Then Pappy would catch us at the bottom…

These boys were all covered in dirt and their clothes became different colors.

We had to stop for a water break.

Onto the next park with Kiki

Cousin Eric coming down the slide

Sutton’s turn.  This child cannot sit up straight to come down a slide!

Fynn and his tongue!

Cousin Elliot just chilled in her stroller and cheered for the boys!  It was so cute, she would just CLAP and CLAP!

We had a great day!  Besides getting completely filthy and hot it was lots of fun and I’m certain all these kiddos slept well!

I think this is the best way to remember 9/11.  Enjoying quality time with family and reminding ourselves to be thankful for each minute together.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi


September 12, 2011

July 19

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July 19 is a big day in our house.  It is Daddy’s birthday and the boys’ half birthday.  So, to start this post off right we will wish our daddy of the house HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  What an incredible man I have!  Over the past 12 years I’ve always tried to make his birthday a big deal….I’ve thrown a few surprise parties and a BIG party for his 30th.  This year we didn’t do anything BIG but it was just as nice.  I baked him a cake.  Oh boy did it turn out beautiful.  This is when I wish I could create a “sarcasm” font.  It wasn’t pretty but it sure tasted good!  We had dinner at a local hibachi restaurant with the family and the boys entertained us the entire time of course.

Back to my man.  Jason is always showing me how much he loves me.  He had done so many simple, yet amazingly romantic things….made his very own Valentine’s Day card with a paper rose and all back in college, he had a custom poem written for me for our anniversary this year, he would pick me up from class with a rose just because, he has stopped in the middle of a random day just to slow dance and the list goes on.  Even better he has been an incredible father.  He never missed a feeding, even in the middle of the night when he would have to get up and go to school the next day.  He has never once mentioned any hint of a complaint at missing out on certain events because we have kids now.  And he is always so involved the minute he gets home from work.

He truly cares about his patients and is an awesome chiropractor.  He puts his heart and soul into his work and wants to be the best he can be because he wants to help people.

I do thank God every day for my man.

We love you Daddy!

Happy Birthday to my amazing man!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi


July 20, 2011