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May 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Our weekend was AWESOME!  Friday we took the boys and got a few pictures of them playing on a gravel road by our house, splurged with some ice cream and played so well together all day!  Aunt Kim, Grandpa and Uncle Tom came by with some new t-shirts for the boys as well as some homemade pickled beets for me.  Daddy and I got to snuggle up and watch We Bought a Zoo….HIGHLY recommend it, great movie!  Saturday we worked in the yard some more, cleaned, went to the store and played.  We have been enjoying our new patio furniture!

Sunday after church and brunch our good friends, Katie and Reid, came to visit with their 2-year-old son, Owen, and 4-month-old son, Boone.  We also invited two other families over for a big BBQ!

There were 9 kids and 8 adults.
We jumped and jumped…
Even Daddy jumped!
We had a fun new sprinkler!
Of course kids find the hose cart so fun!
Sutton did not like the grass sticking to his feet!
Katie is always sooo good with all the kiddos!

We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and so much yummy food!
Spending some quality time with awesome people made my weekend perfect.
I loved being surrounded by old friends as well as new.

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The Mamarazzi

May 30, 2012

Penguin Suits

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The boys were “page boys” in their first wedding last weekend!  The rehearsal was Friday evening and judging by how well that went I wasn’t too confident in their ability to walk down the aisle the next day.  I had been working on getting them to TRY on their tuxedos for weeks but they always ran and said, “NO mama!”  They hated them.  It was as if they KNEW it was an important outfit and they just wanted to make me worry.  Saturday after their nap and snack we slowly put the tuxedo on…along with daddy putting on his suit.  “See Daddy is putting on his slacks.”  “Daddy is putting on his shirt.” And so on.  We eventually got the slacks, shirts, socks, dress shoes, bow ties and vests on!  AND THEY LOOKED SOOOO STINKING CUTE!!!!!

We got to the church an hour early and they were able to have enough time to warm up to everyone, especially the flower girl….Hollie.  They fell in love with her! 🙂

But when it came time to put their boutonnieres on they weren’t having it!  That was a task!!!

Pretty sure Hollie helped with that!


By the time we were all getting in position to walk down the aisle the boys were loving all the ladies!

Their shoes did not come in half sizes so I had to order up…poor Sutton kept losing his shoe!  But, he would grab it and want it right back on his foot.
I wish I would have gotten some pictures of them actually walking down the aisle but I was at the front trying to make sure they came to me.  They walked down the aisle and right past me to Aunt Rue!  I was cracking up!  They didn’t want their roles to end.

Luckily the ceremony was short and we kept the boys quiet with snacks but we had to stay after for pictures and they actually posed with the bride (Aunt Rue’s sister) which wasn’t shocking because they are used to having a camera in their faces!

We took the boys to the reception for a little bit but they didn’t get to hang out very long….they were exhausted from all the excitement.

With our friends Aubrey and Camdyn
I think it is safe to say any tiny human in a tuxedo is about the cutest thing out there!  I am so proud of my babies!

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The Mamarazzi

May 23, 2012

The Bittersweet Holiday

Mother’s Day will always be bittersweet.  It’s a reminder of my mom not being here but it’s also a reminder of my two blessings.

This year we decided to do Mother’s Day weekend at the lake….there is a hammock, lots of open spaces, shoreline with lots of rocks, fishing, boating, vegging, sleeping….a great place to go relax.

It was a weekend of FIRSTS for our boys.

First kite flying experience…althought there wasn’t much wind so it didn’t last long.
First time fishing.

First boat ride.  Now this FIRST was super exciting!  Daddy is a COMPLETE BOAT person and has been wanting to take the boys for a ride since they were born.  Luckily, Fynn LOVED it.  Sutton loved the boat until it started going but eventually he calmed down and enjoyed the ride.

Sutton’s favorite part was honking the horn!
They could have played on this ramp ALL weekend.
Sutton and I went on our very own walk together.
I think it was hands down one of my all-time favorite moments with him.  He just grabbed my hand and we started walking and walking and walking.  He wanted to check out the different flowers, trees and run and play.  He also was a chatter box but with words that brought tears to my eyes…still does as I type this.  He would say, “mama, lub you” and “tank ew mama” and just look up with me and smile.  I didn’t want it to end!
I taught him to blow on the dandelions.
And it tickled!  He picked up some wild flowers at one point and said, “KIKI!”  So we delivered them to our Kiki. 
We did some swinging with Kiki.
Played on the hammock.
Threw rocks of course…wouldn’t be a trip to the lake without that.
Bonded with Daddy.
More fishin with cousin Eric.
And made our FIRST s’mores.
Sutton’s interest was short – Thomas the Choo Choo was on inside and he was exhausted.  Fynn couldn’t decide if he liked it or not.  He knew he liked the graham cracker and the chocolate but the marshmallow was throwing him off.  He kept handing it to me for me to eat then would want it back.
In the end I think he liked it.
These two bring so much joy to such a difficult day for me.
Saying I’m thankful for them is the understatement of the century.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

May 16, 2012

A lil country

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Thanks to my friend Stacy, we got to experience the TRUE outdoors this week!

My boys were soooo hesitant to even get on this monster but they eventually agreed once we saw Archer and Stockton jump on.
Oh good ole peer pressure.
Fynn still looks a little hesitant.
Now he is ready to drive.
Nothing like some good ole dirt when you are a boy!
Love this smile!
We all played so well together.  We played in the water table, we met their pet bird and doggies, we rode down to the pond, we played on their play set and we EVEN ate lunch!
I was able to keep the boys awake the entire ride home (55 minutes) and they took a GOOOOOOOD nap!

I would LOVE to live in the wide open spaces like Stacy and her boys but for now we are suburb people.
I do intent to at least grow our own veggies soon.
Thanks for the play date….we’ll be back soon!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

May 10, 2012

Man’s Best Friend – Our trip to KC

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We made a trip up to Kansas City this past weekend to see Jason’s uncle and aunt as well as our friends we made when we lived there for four years while Jason went to chiropractic school.

Kelly and Anne (Jason’s uncle and aunt) have Moose and our boys LOVE LOVE LOVE Moose.  Can you tell?

Playing with Moose made them so happy, it made me realize we will need a dog this year.  Maybe for Christmas?
Saturday morning they woke up looking for Moose.  And they are SO good with him.  They just love on him and when you tell the boys to stop hanging on the dog, they stop.  They are just great with dogs!

I’m just glad dog’s mouths are clean….or let’s just hope that myth is true.

Saturday evening we got to see our old friends and their kids.  I wish I would have gotten more pictures of Blair and Julie’s little girls.  They are SO cute!  I was so busy catching up I just forgot to bring my camera out until later.  But, Miss Evelyn was a super model!  And she and Sutton really hit it off!

Sunday morning it rained, and I mean RAINED HARD!  We had some yummy oatmeal, snuggled up with Moose and waited for it to stop so we could head home.

They just wanted to go throw the tennis ball a few more times but the rain kept us inside.
We will just have to come visit more often!


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The Mamarazzi

May 7, 2012

Dear Sutton

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Oh my sweet Sutty boy!

These past few weeks you have been going through something, I just don’t know what!
You have been SUPER attached to Mama.
You have become a picky eater once again.
You have decided you no longer like baths…..nor bubbles in the bath.
You have been waking up in the middle of the night crying out for MAMA!
You constantly have your hands in your mouth.  I felt a 2-year molar!
You will either take a 3 hour nap or barely shut your eyes for 5 minutes.  No happy medium here!
You love to pull the tail on your musical elephant over and over again when you should be sleeping.
You have been GLUED to Mouse.  He needs a bath.

But today, I got a glimpse of my once independent child.

You always love playing with your lips, nose, chin, ears…anything really.
Along with playing with your facial features you LOVE to rub your feet together.
I know this is just a phase.
But, you are also constantly saying, “tank ew mama” literally ALL DAY LONG.
You might be attached to me but every time I hear, “hand mama!” I love reaching out and holding your tiny little hand.
Every single day I think about that day that will arrive before I would like it to, where you don’t want to hold my hand.
And when you say, “hugs mama!”  I will GLADLY give you a BIG squeeze and a smooch because again, this won’t last forever.

And even though you can get, shall we say “emotional,” you have the sweetest, most loving side to you that makes me MELT every single day.  I pray with my whole heart you keep that loving side throughout your entire life and that you one day treat your wife as sweet as your mama.

I love you Sutton.

and  then, she {snapped}

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

P.S. Yes I know there is no mention of Bubba but even though you are a twin I will always treat you as two different children.  He will get his own letters from time to time.




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