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April 2012

Wagon Rides

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Now that it is nice outside, we have started taking nightly walks with the boys in their wagon.  It’s usually Daddy’s idea and the boys are quick to run to the garage and hop in the wagon.

Daddy always makes it fun!
We have to say “hi” and “bye” to the fountain.
They won’t fit in this wagon much longer.


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April 30, 2012

Saturday Morning

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Daddy is at a seminar all day today and tomorrow so it’s just me and my guys!
Their recent obsession is playing in our bedroom and on our bed.
Oh, AND Yo Gabba Gabba!  We used to watch it before we cancelled part of our cable and lost Nick Jr.  I recently bought a DVD for them and it is almost ruined because we have watched it so much.  I don’t feel like it’s a complete failure as a mom to let them watch it because they are learning colors and dancing and having fun.
Sutton also discovered mommy’s elliptical machine in our bedroom!
He would get on one of the foot pieces and go “WEEEEEEE!” as it moved down.

This is our crazy Saturday morning in our jammies!

Fynn being silly!
It’s cloudy and SO windy so no playing outside this morning.

Sutton doing his “elephant” impression.
This elliptical is fun!
And I’m spent!
Best for last!

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April 28, 2012

Rocks, it’s the simple things

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I’m convinced there is something in boys’ DNA that makes throwing rocks into water fun.
After the birthday party at Safari Joe’s, we went to spend the night at the lake house with some of our best friends.

The backyard is HUGE and my step-dad had someone come clear off the shore, which made it perfect for the boys’ to play and throw rocks.

I love how Fynn really gets into his throwing efforts.

It’s all about finding that perfect rock.

We are such tough guys!

And we are done.
Now that the boys are older we will be spending more time at the lake house.
It’s so quiet and relaxing!  And our kids are easily more entertained outside than inside.


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April 25, 2012

Safari Joe’s

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Our best friends’ daughter turned five last weekend and we got to go to Safari Joe’s for the party!

Again, my boys love turtles!
Fynn wasn’t too fond of any of the other snakes but LOVED this guy!
Sutton eye-balled that cake for a good 10 minutes.
It was GOOD!

They got to hold a TEENY TINY turtle and Fynn kept talking to it, which convinced me that we need to get them a pet turtle.
He has a funny looking belly huh?
We saw  BIG turkey!  I am now wondering if it was confusing for them to see a turkey when they consider “turkey” lunch on their plates.
There was a this white bird that they talked to forever.  They would wave and say “hi bird” really loud then the bird would reply “hi” over and over.  It was hysterical!
Horse Rides!  Each boy only lasted half a lap.

There was a “choo choo,” which both boys wanted to ride.  Fynn got in and wouldn’t get OUT!  Sutton would get in then freak out and want nothing to do with it but then once it took off he would cry and chase after it….so baffling!
It did make everyone laugh though.

My Boys…I love these three guys more than anything in this world!

Daddy got a picture of me! 🙂

Fynn ate an entire piece of cake.  I took one bite of his slice and he did not appreciate it!

What a fun day!  The boys got to see so many cool reptiles, pet some baby chicks, jump and slide and play with some friends.  Nothing like a birthday party to wear out your children.

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April 23, 2012

27 Months Old

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Today my babies are 27 months old!


You are my MONKEY!  Seriously all you want to do is climb things.  When we were at the aquarium you climbed up the statue out front in 2 seconds and it didn’t scare you one bit.  You are SO close to just realizing you can climb out of your crib and sometimes you even try to climb IN it.  When I ask you if you are a monkey, you reply with monkey sounds and giggles.  You have reached another phase of picky eating, which I have become accustomed to at this point and I realize it will come and go.  You have become VERY OCD about everything!  You have to hold a specific hand when coming down the stairs in the morning, you cannot STAND it when milk spills and you HAVE to clean it up immediately, you like to get in the car first when we load up for school and the list could go on and on.  You aren’t a fan of coloring really and you are OBSESSED with Toy Story.  Obsessed.

You weigh about 29 pounds and measured 35.5″ a few weeks ago.  You still have the tiniest little waist and long legs to go with your belly.  Your hair still grows slower than your brother and you still have your chubby cheeks that I LOVE to kiss.  You are still attached to Mouse and I’m pretty sure he needs another washing soon because he is getting nasty.

When I drop you off at school you smile at everyone in the hallways and then walk right in without any hesitation.  This makes me proud yet sad to see you already growing out of your attachment to mommy.


You can be SO SILLY and laugh at the simplest thing and your facial expressions are priceless!


You are my silly boy!  You are so serious most of the time in a deep concentration of whatever it is you may be doing at that moment but you have these bursts of SILLINESS that I love!  It could be a song you hear, a snack we give you or something we say and you just light up with animation and jibber jabber.  You are talking MORE and MORE with each new day….it isn’t as clear as Sutton but I’m learning to make out what you are saying.

You weigh 31 pounds and measured 37″ a few weeks ago, which for height wasn’t even on the chart.  Shocker.  You still have crazy cowlicks and your hair grows faster than your brother’s.  You LOVE ALL sports.  Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, you name it.  And you are GOOD.  Seriously for a 2-year-old.

You LOVE green beans.  Yes, GREEN BEANS!  Even tonight you ate your serving on your plate, what was left in the pot, half of mine and then brother’s!  I will remind you of this when you are older.  You aren’t near as picky when it comes to food and you are starting to like sweets more.  You have gone from LOVING the Wiggles to Yo Gabba Gabba….you will say, “GABBA!” when you see it come on.  You love laying in mommy and daddy’s bed with the blankets pulled all the way up to your chin and tucked in on each side.  You love when I play with your hair and you love to stay in the bubble bath as long as you we will allow.

You have become a little opinionated, which is new.  For the longest time you were always such a “go with the flow” kid but now you know how to say, “no.”  When you start to act up it usually only takes a warning for you to stop but if you get time-out or a spanking you get SO sad and just want to hug me.

You have more “stranger danger” awareness than your brother.  Recently we were at Sam’s and this cute elderly man came up and kept patting your hand saying hello and talking to you both.  You started bawling!  I like that you aren’t willing to run off with strangers but man it’s embarrassing when someone is just trying to be nice.  🙂  You too love to walk right into your classroom at school.  This morning you turned around and waved saying, “bye bye mama!” with a HUGE grin on your face.  Again, makes me happy and sad all at the same time.



Both of you love to dance, especially in the car to songs I can’t stand but of course cannot turn the station when I see you two jamming out in the backseat.  When Daddy leaves in the mornings to go to work you both say, “Bye Bye Dada!  Lub ew!”  This is repeated at least 4-6 times and continues long after he has walked out the front door.  When it is time for naps I will tell you to say goodnight to each other which is followed by you kissing and saying, “night night bubba. lub ew.”  SERIOUSLY!  MELT. MY. HEART.  At bedtime we say our prayers and you both clasp your hands together and will repeat everything I say, “tank ew Jesus for…” and then you say “AMEN!” with such gusto!

We are making improvements in the sharing department.  Just today Sutton had the red choo choo and Fynn snatched it.  I warned Fynn to give it back or get a time-out and at first he smiled real big and SLIGHTLY shook his head “no” but once I gave him “THE LOOK” he walked over and handed it back to Sutton.  Sutton’s response?  “Tank ew Bubba.”  AGAIN!  MELT. MY. HEART.

We are still doing great with sleeping from 8/8:30-8/9 and we take 2-3 hour naps on days we aren’t in school.  We have had a busy past month with a trip to the aquarium, multiple trips to two of our favorite parks, the zoo, play dates and sweet treats we don’t normally give you.

I keep waiting for the “terrible 2’s” to kick in but it hasn’t.  Makes me wonder what 3 will be like.  I do know my kids make me proud AT LEAST once a day.  They are easy to be around (most of the time) and they make me laugh.  I am so proud to be their mommy and I will continue to make it my mission to raise smart, sweet, mannerly, fun, loving boys!

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April 20, 2012


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Our typical mornings when we do not have school or play dates or any place to be usually look like this.

We might do puzzles.

We might have jam sessions on the keyboard and drums.

We might play with our cars and choo choos.

We might watch a little cartoons…lately it’s Toy Story and ONLY Toy Story.
We might get some snuggles in with mommy!

But we ALWAYS have some TICKLE TIME!

Some days it’s the simple pleasures in motherhood that bring me the most joy.

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April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

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Easter this year was VERY different.  Grandma wasn’t there.
The boys came to church with Jason and I and then we met up with the rest of the family.
We all went to Claremore to celebrate the holiday at Grandma & Grandpa’s house before the house is sold.  For my husband and his sister their childhood memories are all over this house, inside and out.
Luckily we had a few kids around to help keep us laughing and entertained, although I was constantly reminded how much Grandma would have loved to be there.
Kiki got the boys Easter buckets and some bubbles!
I don’t think we have ever spent THAT much time playing with bubbles but the kids LOVED them.
Sutton kept saying, “BUBBLES!” demanding we keep the wand going.  Kiki’s arm got a work-out.
Pappy even showed us how to dip the wands into the bubbles!
Uncle Kelly and Fynn
Look what I got!!
Sutton looks sleepy!

Sutton, in usual fasion, was very methodical about placing his eggs in his bucket.
Fynn discovered that if you dump your bucket out onto the grass you can pick them up again.  Genius child of mine, I know.
Cousin Elliot coming in for the eggs!
Fynn loves to say, “No Baby!”

Uncle Kelly & Sutton
My Three Favorite Guys

Aside from my kids missing a nap, not eating much lunch, eating candy (they RARELY eat candy) and the constant reminder Grandma wasn’t there….it was a good Easter celebrating our Lord and Savior!

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April 11, 2012

Today my loves…

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Today my loves…

…was your 3rd Easter holiday and the first without Grandma.  It felt like something was missing all day.
…you slept in until 9 then we had to wake you so we could go to church.
…you walked right into church and started playing with the bubble machine!
…you wanted your windows down on the highway to Claremore.
Nothing like the wind blowing in your hair!
…you hunted Easter eggs.
…you ate more candy than you have probably ever eaten in one setting (bribery for photos)
…you showed love when helping each other pick up your eggs and not trying to steal them.
…you wanted me to sit next to you when watching cartoons, which I will always cherish because I know one day too soon you won’t care if I am sitting next to you or across the room.
…you didn’t eat a very good lunch, goldfish mainly.
…you wanted to watch Toy Story AGAIN!
…you skipped naps, which made for an early bedtime.
…you went around and gave everyone kisses when it was time to leave.
…you WANTED to brush your teeth, something I will also remember when you fight me on it later in life.
…you reminded me I have SO much to be thankful for in my life and I thank JESUS for you two EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Today my loves you made me love you EVEN more!

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April 9, 2012


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We have now been home for two years (next month) and we kept saying we would take the boys to the aquarium…..well we finally did yesterday and as we had guessed….they LOVED it!

I didn’t like the lighting but oh well….it’s their enjoyment that counts.

I would have to say I think the boys loved the turtles and otters the best.

Sutton just loved saying the name of everything he saw…jewwyfeesh, eeehawse, feeesh, etc.

They found this little ramp they could walk up and touch the water….loved that!

Mommy and Daddy didn’t like being splashed though.

They have this entire section just for sharks and it’s pretty awesome!
You walk through a tunnel and the sharks are swimming all around and above you.
Fynn was TERRIFIED at first!

Sutton, my fearless child, love them!

They wanted to see EVERYTHING!
I wish I could have gotten better/more photos.
We saw two otters get into a fight.
We loved watching the beaver swim around.
We got to pet some sting-rays.
Daddy made some fish jump out of the water.

We will be going back again soon!

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and  then, she {snapped}


April 7, 2012