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February 2012


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Fynn’s hair has been a popular topic in our household since he was born.

Would it be red? strawberry blond?

What do we do with his double cowlicks?

How do we manage his mullet?

Yes it’s been the topic of many conversation.

Although I love how it looks from the front….

At the top it starts going every different direction imaginable…

It’s the mullet and spikes that form in the back.

So today, we BUZZ it all off again.

Maybe when he is older he will figure a way to fix his hair because I am not good at it.

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February 29, 2012

The Farm

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The day following Grandma’s memorial service we took the boys along with the family and went to Aunt Kim and Uncle Tom’s farm.

They have horses, a cow, some goats, ducks, lots of land and room for boys to RUN and ROAM!

They instantly knew what the cow was and what it says.

Sutton was so excited to ride a horse…Fynn on the other hand…not so much.

I always tell Jason Sutton will be the more adventurous child, like his daddy.

Fynn didn’t mind looking at the horse from outside the fence.

Then Uncle Tom got some feed for the ducks…that was very entertaining for toddlers.

Even though the ducks stayed on the OPPOSITE side of the pond.

Cousin Ellie kept trying to eat the feed!

Then the poor girl took a spill into the pond and wasn’t too happy about it.

Cousin Eric

My two buddies!

We will definitely be taking them back to the farm more often!

They LOVED it!

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February 27, 2012


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I’ve been writing this post in my head for over a week now.

Monday, February 13 the world lost an amazing woman, our Grandma.

She had come home from the hospital the day before to stay at my in-laws while she recovered from her heart attack.  We brought the boys over after dinner to say hello and spend some time with her.  She was in a great mood and we were all laughing and enjoying the kiddos.  She said to me, “I’m so blessed to have so much family caring for me.”  We left that night giving her a kiss and thinking we would see her the next day.

Then the worst happened.  When the phone rings before 9 a.m. I am always worried and this time was no different.  My mother-in-law called to tell us Grandma had collapsed and my brother-in-law and father-in-law were giving her CPR.  I told Jason to get over there and help in any way he could…..we live only 2 miles down the road.

Then I got the next call…doesn’t look good.

In the midst of all of this my sister-in-law had to take her husband (my brother-in-law mentioned above) to the airport to return to Afghanistan from his 2 week R&R.  She brought her two kiddos over to my house and I was trying to grasp what was really taking place but I had to keep my composure for the kids.  Fynn kept seeing me cry and he would cry.

Finally the last, worst call came.  She didn’t make it.

All I could do was pray it was a bad dream.

This woman had played a major role in my life since I was 18.

When I met Jason she instantly made me feel welcome and loved….she had a way of doing that with many people.

She made holidays fun and warm and entertaining.  And every year we said we weren’t doing lots of gifts yet she always went overboard.
My first Christmas with Jason’s family was the toughest…the first without my mom.  Grandma had heard I loved frogs so she went out and purchased any and everything with a frog on it.


When Jason and I were dating she would often say to me that if something were to happen to us she wanted to keep me!
Having lost my mom 8 months before we started dating and then my own grandmother 2 months after made life a bit difficult and very different.

Grandma did everything she could to know I had family and I was loved and it didn’t matter if my blood was different from theirs.

I’ll never forget when Jason and I suffered our miscarriage and I had to go to a doctor’s appointment afterward but Jason couldn’t come.  She did.
She consoled me in the waiting room and took wonderful care of me.

When we struggled for so many years to conceive she was so encouraging and kept telling me how excited she was to come stay with us when the baby was born.  Well, when we found out it was twins I was terrified and she reassured me she would come stay with us as long as we needed.  And when they arrived we were soooooo thankful for her!  She made us home-cooked meals, washed and sterilized bottles, did laundry, you name it.

She was always willing to help when needed and she did it with such love it is irreplaceable.

Everyone knew Grandma and I stood on completely opposite ends of the political spectrum but that didn’t mean we couldn’t discuss the issues.  We could sit and talk for hours and hours without raising our voices or interrupting or anything disrespectful.  I really enjoyed those talks!

It’s difficult to even begin to think about how different our lives will be.  She was so involved and we were so looking forward to the boys growing up with her in their lives.

She loved taking the boys out to the lake to feed ducks.
She was the grandma who would get down and play with the kids….always bringing fun new toys….bowling set, harmonicas, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and balloons.

She bragged to everyone about her grandkids and great grandkids.  She was extremely proud of Jason and his chiropractic practice.

She always complemented my blog and told me I was a wonderful writer, she even commented on almost every single photo I posted on Facebook.  When I went to visit her in the hospital a few weeks ago she was encouraging me to follow my dreams to write a book.

Our world is now forever changed and it isn’t even real yet….may not be for some time.

I know I think of her every day and miss her even more.

I miss her laugh and the way she would always call me “sweetheart” on the phone.  She would always say, “kiss my boys for me!”

I’m thankful we were blessed enough to know her and all she did for us.

We love you Grandma and miss you.


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February 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday – MOOSE

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I’ve been gone for a while……lots going on.  My post is still a work in progress to describe what we have been going through these past few weeks and I hope to finish it tomorrow.

In the meantime, how about some fun!?

Wordless Wednesday but with words over at and then, she {snapped}

In light of what has happened we have had family in town and that meant Moose was staying with us.
Moose is the “son” of Jason’s Uncle Kelly and his wife Aunt Anne.
They live in Kansas City, where we lived for four years and we miss them terribly!

And the boys LOVE them and MOOSE!

They especially love Moose kisses!


and  then, she {snapped}

Until next post…hopefully tomorrow 🙁

The Mamarazzi

February 23, 2012

Flashback Friday – 3 weeks old

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Two years ago we had TWO three week old twins and we were BARELY sleeping.  We were lucky enough to have help the first month home from the hospital but it was A LOT of work.
They were on an awesome 3-hour schedule but for me it meant….
Nurse Fynn while someone bottle-fed Sutton – this would take 30-45 minutes
Wait 45 minutes so I could PUMP for Sutton’s next feeding
Shower, eat, sleep
Start over again

Fynn with milk dribbling…SO SMALL

Sutton literally slept ALL THE TIME.

The pediatrician told us when we left the hospital that we needed to wake them every 3 hours in the night to feed them.
It never dawned on me to ask at their follow-up appointments to make sure we STILL needed to do this.
For the first 3 months we would SET OUR ALARMS (yes I now CRINGE when I think of it) to feed them.
One of us would go make bottles while the other WOKE THEM and changed diapers.
Once they were fed they would go back to sleep and I would PUMP SOME MORE.

I only nursed Fynn because Sutton’s recessed chin made latching almost impossible.
He latched ONE TIME.
I only nursed Fynn for about 5-6 weeks then just went to straight pumping.
And that only lasted until they were about 12-13 weeks.

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February 11, 2012

Today my loves…

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Today my loves…..

….made me a happy mommy by sleeping until 8:45 a.m.
…warmed my heart when I hear “thank you” after I give them oatmeal for breakfast.
…made me laugh when they jumped on the trampoline together giggling.
…made me proud when they were playing and Fynn found both bouncy balls and then gave one to Sutton.  And in return Sutton said “Thank You” and gave his brother a kiss.
…grossed me out when Sutton picked his nose and ate it
…surprised me when Sutton WANTED to put on his winter hat and gloves…that is usually a battle.
…frustrated me when Fynn would NOT sit down to eat dinner.
…gave me perspective when we said our bedtime prayers.
…turned my heart to mush when I put them down for bed and they said “night night lub you mama”

Today my loves you made me love you EVEN more.

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February 9, 2012


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Here is an example of our twins playing together….

Look at us…just hanging outside in our fun chairs….
Happy, enjoying this warm winter we have been lucky to have.
But one boy decides to get up….

Then I inevitably hear the words, “No Bubba!”  That is followed by “bubba” over and over and over.

Okay Fynn, I’ll come back.

AHHH BUBBA you tricked me!

My boys…

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February 8, 2012