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January 2012

2 Year Pictures – Part 1

We usually have a professional photographer take our boys’ pictures and our family pictures but this year for their 2nd birthday I wanted to take them.  I’m no professional but I’m getting better and I ENJOY taking photographs so I gave it a try.

The first round I wanted to take inside with natural light with a white background, blue balloons and the boys in nothing but some jeans.  I was happy with MOST of them but Fynn would not cooperate as well as Sutton.

Sutton is my HAM!  I get the camera out and he is posing and cheesing it up!

My little smiley guy!
Love that BELLY!
Like it in color as well.
Fynn….my little ornery guy!
He wouldn’t put down his bowl of goldfish so I had to work around it.
My backdrop is down but I LOVE this picture!
Finally I just got a ton of their books out and hoped they would sit still long enough to get a few.
Fynn’s face captures the entire photo shoot – SERIOUSLY MOM PUT THE CAMERA DOWN!

And thanks to my new TRIPOD & REMOTE I jumped in.
We also went to a field to get some outside ones but they didn’t turn out GREAT.
May attempt those again one day soon.

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January 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday – Tripod

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My dad gave me a tripod and a remote for my camera this past weekend!  Last night Jason and I tested it out for fun.
Yes I’m still in my scrubs from working at his chiropractic office.

This is going to be FUN….finally pictures with my kiddos!
But that also means I must start looking decent…no more scraggly ponytail and pj’s!

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and  then, she {snapped}

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January 25, 2012

Show off Your Shot: PLAYTIME

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We have a small jungle toy in our playroom and Fynn L.O.V.E.S. it!  He likes to put the lion in the lion’s den, make the monkey swing on his branch and let’s the other animals go down the slide.  He gets so animated when playing with it, I had to capture his face!

We also got an awesome little diner with two seats and table on one side and the other is a full kitchen – sink, stove, over, cabinets and shelves.  The boys love to play diner!

Fynn serving up a meal with his spatula!

Sutton is getting impatient…”WHERE’S MY FOOD!?”

And I LOVE this picture because this is the look I get when Fynn sees me with my camera.
It’s as if he is saying, “serioulsy ma?  again?”

And Sutton will say “CHEESE” or give me a sweet grin.
Notice is messy hair!
And yes that is a cut above his left eye….he had a minor accident Friday night playing with his car track.
This kid doesn’t seem to be able to go a week without a bump on his head or a boo boo of some kind.

Boys will be boys.

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and  then, she {snapped}

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January 23, 2012

Flashback Friday – BirthDAY

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I always think birthdays are a BIG deal.  Blame my mom.
When I was younger I would wake up on my birthday to a completely decorated bedroom AND bathroom.
I’d have a birthday toothbrush, banner, balloons, custom favorite breakfast….you name it.  I was SPOILED on my birthday.

Sooo, now having kids of my own I make a BIG deal about it myself.
For their first birthday I took pictures ALL day starting with waking up, then breakfast, then play time, dinner and finally cupcakes.

I included last year’s photos….this was before I learned manual mode and I cringe at my pictures from last year.

Yesterday I managed to capture most of their day.

Of course the morning started with me clicking away.

Fynn 2011

Fynn 2012
Good morning Fynn and your AWESOME hair!

Sutton 2011
Sutton 2012

Good morning Sutton…not sure you are awake yet.

We ate breakfast then headed to school with some donut holes for their party there.

They were at school until 2:30 and then came home with me for a snack and some PLAY TIME!

Snack time!!!

Sutton 2011
Sutton 2012

It was actually pretty nice outside so we went out to play!
They got to use their new sidewalk chalk from their birthday party.
Fynn 2011
Fynn 2012

We also played t-ball and they enjoyed running around chasing each other.

We didn’t stay outside too long…it started getting a little chilly
and Sutton was exhausted from NOT NAPPING at school.

We read some books, wrestled, played diner and did some puzzles.

Our family January 19, 2011

After our afternoon was complete we went to meed Daddy, Papa O and Brenda at
our favorite Mexican restaurant, Ted’s.
The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE their cheese dip, which they bring right when you sit down along with homemade flour tortillas and yummy salsa.

After dinner we played a bit more but went to bed early.
BIG DAY!  Exhausted boys.

And now I have two-year-olds.
Before I can blink they will be 3.

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January 20, 2012

It’s here….They Are TWO!

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It’s here!  My babies are TWO!


I still feel like that woman who is praying and praying to just get pregnant and now I’m the mother of TWO TWO YEAR OLDS!

These two amazing, beautiful baby boys came into our lives at 6:14 p.m. and 6:16 p.m.
I had 35 weeks 6 days to prepare for twins and when they came it was clear I was not prepared.
The first 3-4 months of having multiples is by far the hardest part….in my opinion.
The bottles, the nursing, the pumping, the feeding, the diapers, the lack of sleep….it takes a toll.

We were so lucky to have help.  Kiki stayed our first two weeks at home then Grandma came for another two weeks.
There isn’t enough money in the world to repay them for how valuable they were to us.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, never did I EVER think I’d have twins.


Sure there are pros and cons but I would not trade my LIFE with anyone else.
It’s a constant battle to make sure my time is divided evenly, food evenly, milk evenly, hugs evenly, kisses evenly….EVEN EVEN EVEN!

But at the end of the day I can lay my head down and KNOW my boys KNOW I LOVE THEM beyond words.

I know I am biased but I have to say we are SO LUCKY with our babies.

Sure they cry and may throw a fit here and there but for the most part they are such easy-going kiddos.
90% of the time they play so well together.
They are very polite.  When I give them something, anything they say “Tank ew” over and over until I reply, “you’re welcome.”

They are little lovies….Sutton especially….such a kisser.
At night before we put them in their beds I can say, “come give mama a hug” and they will run to me with open arms.

The first year was challenging yes but watching them change so much every day was such a wonderful experience.
Being able to be at home every day with them is such a blessing!
The first year FLEW by but this second year has gone by even faster.

Sutton has always been the talker of the two….since birth.  He used to sit in his nap nanny and mumble on and on and on.  I always wished I knew what he was saying.
Fynn has always had a mischievous side to him but such an adorable grin it’s so hard to stay mad.

They both go through picky eating phases but Fynn will not eat sweets about 99% of the time.
He does not speak as much as his brother and his words aren’t as clear as Sutton’s but I understand what he is saying.
Fynn gets a little delirious and silly when he is SUPER tired and that is usually when he gets in trouble but for the most part he is such a sweet boy!

Fynn loves books and puzzles and trying to figure out how things work.
He loves to dance to the Wiggles and in the car he likes to bob his head to the beat.
He will usually eat more veggies than his brother and he LOVES his milk.

Fynn LOVES sports.  SERIOUSLY.  He loves his basketball goal, his footballs, his golf clubs…anything sports.
Makes me wonder what he will want to play when he gets older.

Sutton is just plain FUNNY!  He dances on demand for me…pure entertainment right there!
He giggles from the belly and repeats everything I say.  He has to describe everything around him, “mama’s purse” “mama’s coat” “fynn bubba” and on and on.
He loves to go in our closet and pick up something and say “dadda’s” or “mama’s” and LOVES to point out parts of the body….”nose” “teeth” “cheeks” and so on.

He is my little emotional, sensitive guy.  He’s a snuggler and KISSER!
At his birthday party he went around kissing everyone.

Yes I’m a typical PROUD mommy but it’s hard not to be proud of these two.
I found out recently they have yet to be in “time out” at school.  They have manners.  They SLEEP GREAT!  Some mornings it’s a struggle to get to school by 9:30 because they sleep so late.
They giggle and smile and play together.
What more could a Mommy want?

My babies are two and I just can’t believe it.
Our second year of parenthood has enriched my life beyond belief and I am so anxious to see what will be for 2012.

I don’t like saying, “please make it slow down!” because the truth is I LOVE each new day.  Yes I miss those tiny babies laying on my chest snuggled up for hours but I always enjoy the conversations we have now and the interaction I get from them.  It seems like once a day or once every couple of days Jason and I look at each other with amazement when the boys do something or say something for the first time.

It’s moments like those that make me so excited to see what tomorrow brings.
What will they become? What will they do with their lives?

It’s amazing how TWINS can be so different yet share such an extraordinary connection.

My prayer is for them to grow, be healthy, be happy and continue to be the awesome little boys I thank God for every day.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my babies….you will always be my babies.

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

January 19, 2012

Party Time – 2nd Birthday

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Well it has come and gone…it happens too fast.
It’s like your wedding day….you plan and plan and plan and then it seems like you blink and the day is over.

Saturday was the boys’ 2nd birthday party and it was a success!
For their first party I went OVERBOARD!  TRULY OVERBOARD!
The party last year was a pirate theme and we had everything from special hats for the boys to custom banners to treasure chest goodie bags….overboard.

This year I wanted to do something fun and out of the house so we narrowed it down to 3 places.  Two of those places were going to charge me EXTRA for twins.  That ruled those places out pretty fast.
We chose Tulsa World of Gymnastics.
It was perfect!  There was stuff for every age and the best part is they are not outrageously expensive.
The staff was helpful and the kids had a BLAST!

They have the trampoline walk-way, which the boys LOVE!
Here’s Sutton with Aunt Kim…she’s so great and so involved with the boys!

It took Fynn a few minutes to warm up enough to play.
Daddy had to show him how to roll down the mats….he looks like he is having fun!

My little monkey with his Kiki!  The theme was monkeys, Jason even designed the invitations….something that has become a tradition I believe.

Kisses for Papa O!
At one point Sutton went around to each person standing, watching them play and gave kisses… was so SWEET!

We took a break during the playtime to eat some lunch and have cupcakes.
Kiki, Jason’s mom, helped me bake, ice and decorate 48 cupcakes Friday night and they turned out SOOO GOOD!
I’ve had my fair share of the leftovers.

If you will recall from my Cupcakes post Fynn is my non-sweets child.  We have offered him cookies, cupcakes, pie, etc.  He always turns his nose up at it!
So, I gave him a vanilla cupcake thinking he MIGHT eat it.  YEP!
Maybe 2 will be the year he decides to like sweets.  Granted, they don’t get sweets very often but at least he enjoyed it on his birthday.
Sutton on the other hand is my SWEETS child!
He devoured his chocolate cupcake!

Once the party came to an end and goodie bags were handed out, we went to brunch at First Watch (MY FAVORITE!) with Jason’s family.
The boys were past exhausted but they did great.
On the way home they were dazed looking out the window.

After their short nap – we woke them so they could play with their gift from us before it got dark – we ventured outside to their new
It has two basketball goals and a slide…BOYS LOVED IT!

This will be so awesome once warmer weather arrives.
Sutton is such a Kiki’s boy!
He is my KISSING boy!

Here I am…I DO exist!

We even got to play some t-ball with Pappy!
Instead of gifts we asked the guests to donate to Emergency Infant Services.
Our kids are abundantly blessed and are in no need of anything so we collected items to deliver as well as cash donations.
Please visit their website for more information and to donate!
They did get a few gifts from family so we opened those at home.
They got some Oklahoma State University Bullet pillow pets!
They got an awesome car track, lots of art supplies and an easel.

My babies are not two just yet….Thursday is the actual day.

I’ll get more sentimental with that post!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

January 16, 2012

Homemade Gifts

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This post is late….OF COURSE!!!

This year my sister-in-law and I decided to make homemade ornaments for the grandparents and great-grandparents.  These are the best, most sentimental gifts that will last forever!  I always love doing stuff like this and thanks to Pinterest we were full of ideas!

All it took was some flour, salt and water!

Cousin Eric was super excited to smash his hand in the dough!

We did one of Elliot’s foot instead of hand.
Gotta love chubby baby feet!

Sutton painting his.
It kind of worked out great because when Jenny brought her kiddos over to paint Sutton woke up but Fynn stayed asleep so I was able to do just one at a time.

And of course everyone LOVED them!

Until next post…

The Mamarazzi

January 16, 2012