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October 2011

Flashback Friday – Costumes

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Last year we struggled with what I think ever parent of multiples struggles with….do we dress them alike?  Well we waited until the last minute to get costumes because it snuck up on us so fast and these were all we could find that we liked.

My sweet Bear and Monkey.

Notice the legs aren’t long enough.  That’s because we have TALL boys.  They should be tall, I’m 6’1″ and my husband is 6’3″.  Everyone in my family is tall too.  My brother is 6’6″.

Halloween is Monday and do we have costumes yet?  NOPE.

Might need to get on that.

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October 28, 2011

Our Neighborhood

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I’ve been slacking this week…yes I know.  We’ve been so busy and I’m getting involved with a new project so I’ve been consumed with that.  Anywhoo….

We discovered our neighborhood about 3 1/2 years ago.  We stumbled upon it during one of our visits home from Kansas City and we fell in love with it!  Once we moved home and got serious about where to live this was our first choice.

People are friendly and there are lots of families and kids playing outside, the kind of neighborhood I wanted for our kids.  Last weekend (yes I meant to post these then but forgot) our neighborhood had their Fall Festival and it was so much fun!  They brought in 3 different inflatables for the kids and it was great because there was one specifically for the boys’ age.  They were going NON STOP!

We all pitched in and brought food so everyone brought chairs and blankets to eat dinner.  They had a local fire truck for the kiddos to get in and explore and they had a ton of games and crafts for the older kids.  We got to finally meet some more of our neighbors and make new friends.

This kid looks pretty happy! 🙂

Are you watching mama?!

Sitting in the firetruck!

Look at those rosy cheeks!  These boys were SO tired from all the running around.

Our picnic

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October 23, 2011

Just words…

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No photos today.  We started our Sunday off a bit earlier than usual (7:50 a.m.) so we had some sweet family snuggles in bed with the boys.  Somehow they always end up climbing on top of me and letting daddy rest his eyes comfortably…not sure how that happens.

We went to church and it was such an awesome service.  I didn’t grow up in a church or in a religious household.  I met people along the path of life who SHOWED me what being a Christian is all about.  It wasn’t forced upon me as a small child or discussed at the dinner table.  My mother and I did go to church on Easter but that was about it.  I would go with my friend, Kelsey, to her family’s church, which I always liked.  It was very laid-back and fun for kids.  I attended a private, Christian high school where I met Katie, the MOST influential Christian I have ever known.  I say influential because she CHANGED ME!

I was so tired of going to a new church and just constantly feeling left out, lost, judged and confused.  I was so lost and trying to find my way toward something I knew basically nothing about.  Katie SHOWED me the TRUE MEANING OF AGAPE!!  I was nothing like Katie.  She grew up with the same group of girls in the same Christian school who all then went to the same high school.  Their parents were friends, they all knew everything about each other.  They were a tight circle.  I moved schools A LOT and made a lot of different friends all over.  Katie came into my life when I was going to need it the most.

Instead of preaching scripture to me or telling me all the things I would need to change or do, she just simply loved and accepted me and became my friend.  FLAWS & ALL!  By showing me what true friendship and love and caring is all about I was finally able to put those brick walls down and let God into my life.  This allowed me to know God on a personal level without it feeling forced or even encouraged, to be honest.  Katie was just a GOOD PERSON with an amazing heart.

The first weekend my husband and I started dating was while we were at Oklahoma State University.  We were surrounded by parties and people having casual conversations about mundane things.  Jason and I sat in a hallway and discussed the SERIOUS stuff in life….do you want to get married? do you want kids? how many? when? do you go to church? what type of church do you belong to? what political party do you belong to?  Yes, we were THOSE two.  But, that is how we discovered we were meant to be together.

His family introduced me to the non-denominational church, which I fell in love with.  It was so CLEAR and EASY to understand and it held my attention.  Since moving back home to Oklahoma we have discovered an amazing church.  SO comfortable, friendly, powerful messages and our kids like it.

If you know me personally you know I am a Christian and I am a Republican.  But I’m also not one to turn away a friend because they are not like me.

The reason I write this post is because in the past year (since turning 30 ugh) it seems like my life is becoming so much FULLER.  I’m opening up to new ideas and new people and new things and all it is doing is enriching my life so MUCH more.  I’ve learned to LOVE working out and getting in shape.  I’ve joined a Mothers of Multiples group, which is fantastic!  I’m trying new things and meeting people everywhere I go.

Sure I love the people in my life but why not open it up to new experiences?  I’ve made new friends who may or may not agree with me on religion or politics or even how I parent my children BUT if we only surround ourselves with people who are JUST LIKE US, what is enriching about that?

I don’t want to wake up when I’m 70 and say I didn’t meet any new, interesting people, didn’t develop new friendships or try anything different.

If Katie had looked at me like just another new student who she had nothing in common with, we would have missed out on a beautiful friendship and who knows where I would be.  That one friendship changed my life forever.

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October 16, 2011

Pumpkins and More

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It’s October and that means I take HUNDREDS of photos.
Friday we went to celebrate GREAT Grandma’s birthday with a trip to a beautiful place with a small petting zoo, wonderful little gift shop (I scored some homemade apple butter!) and lots of pumpkins with a maze and fun games for kiddos.

Kiki checking out the goats with the boys.

Pretty sure Sutton wanted to take this donkey home as a pet.

And the horse

This boy is a total Kiki’s boy!


A corn maze is perfect for this little Houdini…kid LOVES to hide.

Fynn seemed to be having fun.

Perfect size for these boys.

Nope, I think Sutton found the one he wants.

This is the best picture we can get with two toddler and only two parents.

And of course they have to help Daddy!

Last year was fun but this year was better.  The only thing about last year is they weren’t walking so I could take better pictures.
Maybe not better pictures but they would sit still.
The boys last year…

I LOVE MY BOYS!  They are so fun and I’m so BLESSED to be their mama!

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October 16, 2011

Flashback Friday – Shower

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Two years ago my 3 best girlfriends threw me an AWESOME baby shower!  We had to do it early (20 weeks) because it was in Oklahoma and I was living in Kansas City still and the car rides were becoming VERY difficult for me.  And hearing all the horror stories of bedrest, preterm labor, etc. I was bound and determined to NOT miss my own baby shower.

My 3 Best Girls – Rue, Charlie, Me HUGE and prego already & Angie
These three girls are so insanely awesome, words don’t do them justice.
We have a tradition of “wine nights” which last until WEE hours of the morning because the four of us can sit and talk about any and everything.

The YUMMY food and my adorable diaper cake.

Me with my amazing friend Katie & her seriously ADORABLE mom, Paula.
Two of my all-time favorite people.
When my mom was in the hospital right before she passed, Katie would come hang out with me every single night and take me for late-night coffee talks….PERFECTION when it comes to a friend.
She was pregnant with Owen who came the following April.  We always wanted to be pregnant together!!

Me with my best friend since 7th grade, Kelsey.
She was pregnant with Skylin, who was born that November.
This girl knows me INSIDE and OUT and loves me no matter what.
We have seen each other through more than most friends go through in a lifetime.

And finally…

Here was my baby belly at 22 weeks!  SCARY!

From about 27 weeks on I only gained 1-2 pounds.  Getting gestational diabetes helped keep the weight gain a minimum at the end.

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October 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday – HAPPY BOYS!

The boys’ preschool teacher said to me, “they are just the happiest little guys.”
I have to agree!
I know I am biased but I really think we were blessed with such easy, happy babies.  They started sleeping through the night at 4 months and have handled teething like champs.  Sure they have their occasional fit and they have been picky eaters at times but for the most part they have been such wonderful babies. (I still call them babies…weird huh?)  And for the most part, you direct them to do something and they do it….”let’s go brush our teeth,” “let’s go take a nap,” “let’s go bye bye.”  And yes they still sleep from 8/8:30 p.m. until 8-9:00 a.m.  Everyone has said it will pass but they are great sleepers and I’m just going to cherish these days until they do change, if they do.

They will be 21 months (HOLY COW DID I JUST TYPE 21 MONTHS!? Insert SAD FACE!) and they have had one very short stomach bug but other than that and the occasional allergy runny nose they haven’t been sick.  No colic, no ear infections, nothing.  And where do I give credit… chiropractic!  Our boys have been getting adjusted since BIRTH and I FIRMLY believe it has been our lifesaver.  If you haven’t looked into chiropractic, DO IT NOW!  Have an open mind and see what it can do for you!

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October 13, 2011

Christmas…in October

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This past weekend the boys probably thought it was Christmas!  The Just Between Friends consignment sale was in town and BOY DID I SCORE!!  I consigned their winter clothes as well as volunteered so I got to shop early AND earned $5 toward any purchase I made.

Jason and I have been discussing what to get the boys for Christmas this year as well as their birthday in January.  One of the items on our list was a toy work bench with tools.  Well I found one at the consignment sale for $15!  But with my $5 volunteer gift it was $10.  WOO HOO!  I have never shopped consignment sales but the feeling of SUCCESS was awesome!  Then seeing how much fun the boys had with it made it even better.

Yes, that is a toy drill you see.

Seriously…cutest picture EVER!  Daddy teaching Sutton how to cut a fake piece of wood.

I’m POSITIVE with my husband for a dad, these boys will be building stuff out in the garage before I can blink.

Just hammerin’ away

He’s so focused.

Hmm, which tool will I need?

The OTHER big toys came from great grandma and grandpa.  They got the boys their first battery-powered TRUCKS!

Oh my goodness, it was SO cute watching them!

They seemed so much older to me behind the wheel of their first vehicles.

Fynn’s face in the background cracks me up!

He looks so grown up!

Check out these two studs!

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October 12, 2011


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Yesterday was HUGE!  HUGE I TELL YOU!  The boys went to their FIRST Oklahoma State University Football game!  This university has so much special meaning to us since it is where I graduated from as well as where I met my husband.  I actually met him the very first day I got to Stillwater before school had started.   We didn’t actually begin dating until that October of 1999.  Each turn brought back so MANY memories and I really wanted to take the boys everywhere and photograph them.


We have two toddler boys and two parents so not many free hands or free time.

We left for Stillwater right after lunch in hopes they would just nap on the way.  Sutton slept for a little bit, Fynn not so much.  I was worried they wouldn’t like the crowd, the loud noises, etc.  But they did GREAT!  Granted we were prepared with lots of snacks but they were fantastic!  Our friend gave us 4 seats and they were in the perfect location….back row of the section with a concrete wall behind us to lean against with enough space to put our bag behind us and out of the way.  They were also at the very end of the row…WHEW!!  BEST PART….we were in the SHADE! 🙂

I had planned in my mind to take the boys all over campus and take a bunch of pictures but toward the end of the 2nd quarter dark clouds came rolling in and we had to head to the car.  I did not want to get stuck in a downpour with the boys.

We did snap a few at the game and one lady was nice enough to take a picture for us but it was kind of funny because her husband was trying to get the boys attention so I was trying not to laugh.  Of course the boys did not cooperate for the picture but oh well.  It was hard to manage the two boys and take photos…always bums me out!


Daddy was trying to teach them how to roll down the hill at Library Lawn…

I think they just got grass stains on their rears instead.

(See those clouds in the back? Yep we dodged the storm barely!)

He looks so little here!

I’m hoping we can take them back often and one day MAYBE when they are older and decide to go to OSU like both their parents did, we’ll show them these pictures.

A parent can only dream…


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October 9, 2011