Subtle Changes

by blair on November 16, 2013

I’ve noticed lately little things that have changed in both boys.

They no longer call us mama/mommy and daddy.  We have officially switched to mom and dad.  And Kiki and Pappy are becoming Kik (keek) and Pap.

Sutton used to be very emotional when things didn’t go his way.  Not ALL the time but MOST of the time.  It did get draining at times but lately he has been so happy-go-lucky.  And since Fynn nursed and Sutton didn’t I always felt like I developed a bond with Fynn easier.  I remember crying because I felt like I never saw Sutton when they were newborns.  In the past few months I feel as though our bond has grown so much.  He loves to sit by me, snuggle with me and ask me LOTS and LOTS of questions.  He will ask questions over and over until he understands.  When he finally gets it he will say, “OOOOOHHHHH!” with a huge grin.

Sutton is a bit behind on his fine motor skills.  The boy does not enjoy coloring or play doh or drawing with chalk….really anything in that realm of activities.  But I have introduced new games that will help him develop these skills and he seems to be interested…for the time being.

Fynn is OBSESSED with football.  Kid can throw a spiral and catch a running pass.  He could play catch for hours.  Even when I can’t play he will play alone.  And he loves to pick his nose and toot.  Yep, kid loves to toot.  He thinks it is the funniest thing in the entire world and man oh man do they stink.  We keep saying he can only do it at home, outside, in the car and at Kiki’s house.  Fynn is a pleaser and super sensitive.  If he gets in trouble he gets so upset.  Hates for anyone to be unhappy with him.

We just wrapped up our first soccer season.  Sutton didn’t surprise me much.  He did what I expected him to do – run around like the free spirit he is!  Fynn started the season loving practice but when we would scrimmage he freaked out.  We taught him to kick the ball in the goal but never introduced the concept of defense and the other team he would play against.  He sat out the first few weeks but when Uncle Kelly came into town he helped him on the field and since then he was a soccer stud.  He even scored a goal, which with 3 and 4 year olds that is rare.  He loved it!  Next up….t-ball in the spring.

Funny sayings
Fynn: “Pap is about to call me stinky man”
Sutton: “I like to do that, but I don’t like to do that.”
Fynn: “I tooted!”
Fynn: “tomarno” (too-mar-no=tomorrow)

And when referencing anything in the past it was always “last night.”


A big request

by blair on October 8, 2013

You both have been asking for a baby for a few months now and it is the sweetest request I’ve ever heard.

Just today on the way home from school Fynn asked when his baby is coming because it is taking a long long time.  I asked if he wanted a baby brother or baby sister and as usual he said sister.  Then both boys went on and on about how they would rock the baby, give the baby a bottle, a binkie, a baby snack and Fynn said he would share his cars with her.

I love you two so much and I am so lucky to be your mom.



In the big bed

by blair on September 16, 2013

I love my husband.  I love that my husband is the father of our children.

Yesterday Jason told me we should let the boys sleep in our bed just because.  They never get to do that except the 2-3 times they have been sick.  And I love that he reminds me to do things like that.

When I was growing up I never really dreamed of being a mom.  I don’t remember playing “mommy” with dolls but rather remember collecting baseball cards and playing with my brother.  When Jason and I decided to try to have a baby I never really thought about the newborn phase much.  Each year that passed and the desire for a baby became bigger and bigger I dreamed of things that came with motherhood.  I couldn’t wait for our kids to come get in our bed on Saturday mornings and to snuggle and make a big breakfast.  I couldn’t wait to do things with my kids like take them to the park or zoo.  The newborn phase just wasn’t something I thought much about.  I looked forward to sweet, innocent conversations with my kids or to teach them things like painting for the first time.

Life tends to get busy and every parent knows the time to get things done is after bedtime.  As a photographer that is my time to edit and work.  As a mom it’s my time to get laundry done and clean the kitchen.  So, when Jason mentioned letting the boys sleep in our bed I brushed it off and said I had too much to get done.  Fast forward to our bedtime.  I looked at Jason and said, “now I wish we had let them sleep with us.”  What did we do?  Well of course we went and woke up our kids and brought them to our bed.  Sutton slept through the entire thing but Fynn got upset and said, “I wanna sleep in my bed.”  We tried for a few minutes but Fynn was all over the place, even bonking heads with Jason and smacking Sutton in the face.  Both settled down for a little bit and for a brief moment my arm was wrapped around both boys and I could feel their heart beats.  In that moment I stopped and prayed to God.  I thanked him for those two heart beats.  There was a small window of time in our lives where I didn’t know if we would get to be parents or not.  Laying there, feeling each beat of their hearts I thought about those days of worry and fear and sadness.  Looking back I know the timing was all God’s work and He had it SOOOO right!  Those days of tears and frustration all lead to today.  Today I have so much more faith in God’s plan and much more comfort in knowing God has control.  I choose to trust Him.

We were a little bummed the boys didn’t last long in our bed.  What kid doesn’t want to come sleep in the big bed?!

I’m just thankful for a husband who reminds me to stop and do things like this.


Nothing But Happiness

by blair September 6, 2013

Life is full of HAPPINESS!  We are so blessed with two boy who are seriously SO MUCH FUN.  They have become so close and sometimes we wonder if it might be a little codependent but who cares..they are 3. Fynn is somewhat of a “mama’s boy” but he is also so tough and loves things [...]

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Time is Flyin’ By

by blair March 20, 2013

Cannot believe it’s been almost TWO months since I last posted….shameful! These goofballs have kepts us quite busy!We get a lot of smiles every day.These guys LOVE flashlights!  One of their favorite games is taking their flashlights into mommy & daddy’s room, turning off the lights and shining them on the walls.  We can hear [...]

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And now we’re 3

by blair January 26, 2013

HUH?  WHAT?!  I blinked and here are my little men. Sutton is still my “passionate” child.  He has such a carefree spirit, even teachers at school talk about how he walks down the halls in such a carefree way, yet he is OCD about certain things….like DVDs and DVD cases.  This all began last year [...]

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December 2012

by blair January 12, 2013

Ahhhh, I WILL be better with keeping up my blog this year!!  Here’s a recap of December.  Busy month.  Fun Month. We made Christmas cookies with Aubrey and Cam. We also went on the Christmas Train, which I think will be an annual tradition from here on out! Fynn was so excited for the train [...]

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November 2012

by blair December 21, 2012

Yes we are almost to Christmas and I have yet to post since Halloween.  Life is BUSY!  But it’s a good busy.  Photography business was insanely busy! So, here’s a recap of our November. My sweet friend, Jesse, over at Good Girl Gone Glad was nice enough to snap a few pictures of the four [...]

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Halloween 2012

by blair November 6, 2012

This year we decided early on we would dress the boys as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story.  I always envisioned Fynn as Woody and Sutton as Buzz but Fynn is  a bit taller and the Woody costume was a tad short on him.  He looked so cute in that cowboy hat though! But [...]

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The Dreaded Potty Training

by blair November 4, 2012

I’ve been having mixed emotions about potty training ever since our boys were born.  I get excited thinking about saving money from diapers but I dread the accidents, having to take them to the potty in public.  There are TWO of them so knowing my luck I’ll take one then the other will have to [...]

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